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ClassDojo is an app on the rise. Started in 2011, it quickly raised $31 million in venture capital and began distributing its first iteration to teachers throughout the United States. Today, ClassDojo is used in over 90% K-8 schools in the U.S. This success is largely due to a commitment to solve the problems teachers grapple with most combined with a firm footing in the proven psychological principles of positive reinforcement and rewarding children’s successes at every step of the learning process.

From ivory tower to schoolhouse

Much of ClassDojo’s unique approach is derived straight from the original psychological research of prominent academics. These include child psychologists like James Heckman, Carol Dwek and Angela Duckworth, among others. The app’s creators have synthesized these schools of thought into a cohesive protocol of rewarding academic successes thus creating a system of positive incentives to keep kids hooked on learning. Many of these techniques are very similar to those employed by game developers to improve user retention.

For example, children using the app interact with a friendly reptilian ninja named Mojo. Along with his gang of anthropomorphic monsters, Mojo leads kids through a video game-like environment of goals and rewards similar to an interactive game. This technique has proven extremely effective not only in keeping kids interested in class work but also in subtly shaping their worldviews in a way which the apps creators hope will be pro-social.

Recently, the startup began distributing a serious of short, five minute videos meant to help children consider common scenarios in ways which promote positive thinking and instill moral sense. One of those videos concerns empathy and how to view situations from other people’s perspective. The video has received much applause from teachers, some of whom even say they noticed an immediate change in the way their students interacted with each other. It’s little projects like these that make ClassDojo truly unique.

Another way ClassDojo provides positive incentives for kids is through keeping parents informed of their child’s progress throughout the day. This means that if a child does well on an assignment or make a good class presentation parents can be alerted immediately, even watching in real time through a video feed. This means children can expect not just to be rewarded for good work in class but also from proud parents when they get home.

These are just some of the features propelling ClassDojo to the top ranks of education apps. For more information, please visit

Securus Technology a leading civil and criminal justice technology resolutions for public security, monitoring, investigation as well as correction. Recently we launched a campaign to promote our remote video visitation services to enlighten the family, friends and correctional facilities on the importance and the benefits of using our remote video visitation products and services across the United States.

We took about 30 days to highlight the value of the video visitation in a series of commercial demonstrations. We have a committed team of professional who are well trained and have a passion for connecting more than 160000 customers per month all over America. We connect the inmates with their friends and loved ones through their mobile phones as well as computers instead of making the long distance drives to visit their loved ones in prisons. We are an organization that is known to connect sons and their parents and daughters with their fathers. The remote video visitation has helped the inmates participate in various events including Thanksgiving, birthday parties of their loved ones as well as other family functions while still in prison.

We have made continuous efforts to provide a unique and competitive service of the remote visitation and offer affordable services. This is just one of the modernized service that Securus Technologies has been offering.

Securus Technology we can be described as a leader company in the provision of services and products in the correctional facilities across the Northern part of America. We have been serving more than 3450 correctional facilities and more than 120000 inmates distributing services including biometric analysis, communication, public investigation, information management, inmate-self-service, as well as monitoring of products and services to ensure security is well observed in the correctional institutions and the nation. We have our Headquarters located in Dallas Texas.


When people are looking for a subscription service, they want to make sure that they are able to find something that is great for them but also something that is convenient. They are able to get this out of the different subscription services that Don Ressler has to offer. From Intermix to JustFab, people can get what they want out of the different subscriptions. This is something that they feel they are able to make sure works for them and they want to make sure that they can do more when it comes to the products that they get. Don Ressler is supportive of this for his clients.

When someone signs up with TechStyle or JustFab, Ressler and Goldenberg know that they are getting a great deal. The products are chosen specifically for them and they are able to get what they want from it. After they are chosen, people have the chance to make sure that they know what they want. This is something that people can choose to do and something that will give them the chance to get a great deal of products. They don’t have to do anything after they sign up, though because the products will just be delivered to them on a monthly basis.

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Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson – Our Interview

The companies are both all-inclusive. That means that anyone is able to use them. Don Ressler did this because he knew that everyone wanted to be taken care of. He wanted people to know that they were getting a great deal and that they were able to shop no matter what was going on. He also wanted to make sure that people could do different things with the products that they had. Ressler knew that offering the products to everyone would give him a chance to expand the business to everyone so that people could get more.

Since he had so much success with Intermix, his first subscription company, Don Ressler wanted to make sure that he was doing more for the business. He did this by offering even more products for more people so that they would be able to get more out of the process. Fabletics and JustFab were born because of Ressler and Goldnebrg. Women can shop both of these and get the clothes and the shoes that they want to be able to feel great about their bodies and their lives. This is easy because they will have them conveniently delivered to their home.

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Bruce Levenson is one of the most respected businessmen in the United States. Last year, he decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, together with the operating rights to the Philips Arena. To make the transaction successful, Levenson had to hire reliable banking institutions. He chose the Goldman Sachs and Circle Sports.

Several months later, the two banks announced that the Hawks had been sold successfully. Antony Ressler is the leader of the group that acquired the basketball team. However, reports indicate that the price the team was sold is lower than what the banks had promised Bruce Levenson. Before the transaction, Goldman Sachs had promised the businessman that he would get one billion for the team and the operating rights to the Philips Arena.

After the sale had been completed, it was clear that the bankers failed to deliver the amount they had promised the businessman and the rest of the former Hawks team owns. Antony Ressler paid seven hundred and thirty dollars for the team and the Philips Arena. The bankers said that this was the highest bid. Levenson and his group were expecting a higher amount.

ESPN experts and others in the sporting industry, however, did not agree with the first promises made by the bankers. These professionals have enough experience, and they warned that the one billion price was extremely high for the consumers to purchase the team. One of them said that the team was only capable of attracting nine hundred million dollars. One sports economist, Andrew Zimbalist predicted that the team would be sold for less than seven hundred and fifty million dollars. Although the bankers did not take his advice seriously, it turned out to be the correct one.

Bruce Levenson, however, made a huge profit from the sale of the Hawks. However, experts and economists in the sports industry say that the team was oversold, and a lot of money was lost at the bidding table. For more info visit

A lot of people in the free world of developed countries are unaware of all of the horrors that are going on in some other countries. For one thing, there are horrors in different countries that one would have thought was just a relic of something 500 years past.

However, there are some countries that are involved in tyranny and dictatorships. However, these countries are being exposed for what is happening. This is only the first step to fighting the battle for human rights. The next step is coming up with a plan in order to make some changes in the world. Read more:  Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

As of right now, the people that are coming up with plans to take on the tyranny in certain countries is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is someone who is willing to take the fight to where it needs to go in order to be effective. As a human rights activist, he takes the time to differentiate himself from the others. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

One of the ways he differentiates himself from other activists is that he actually gets involved in the fight. He does not just sit there and talk about the issues of human rights. He has also been beaten up for the cause.

Another thing that makes him effective as a human rights activist is that he is very intense and proceeds with a lot of energy. He truly is passionate about what he does and he makes sure that he keeps up a good image. According to Forbes, While human rights activists have been stereotyped as miserable people who are a little less than clean shaven, Thor Halvorssen is someone that makes sure that he pursues his goals with a lot of positive energy and a joy. He is also serious about being proactive with a solution to each different threat to human rights.

As an entrepreneur and internet executive, Josh Verne has gathered over two decades of experience in starting small businesses and growing them into leading multichannel businesses. He is the founder and current CEO of


FlockU is a mobile app that allows a peer to peer exchange for students in college. It shares viral content that covers sports, entertainment, news, exams, among others. The platform was created by a network of university students to enable young people read, watch, and share entertaining content to wind off their busy day in class.


Josh Verne has been sharing his ideas on how to succeed in the business industry. Here are the tips:


Be a Leader and Not a Boss


There are two categories in management. You can manage as a boss, or as a leader. Josh explains that bosses use their titles to accomplish goals. They demand respect at all costs and put their best interest forward.

A leader, on the other hand, earns respect by placing his people or employees ahead of himself. That earned respect is what drives the results and accomplish goals they set together with the team.


Embrace the Principle of Win-Win


Never allow yourself into a deal where there is a win-lose situation. Strive to endeavor in business transactions and ventures where both parties win. Your client must win to keep them coming back for more business, and you must also win to boost your revenues and expansion plans.



Speak Less, Listen More


As a business, entrepreneur, strive to listen more and speak less. The point is, when you listen, you gather more critical information that may help your business. By talking, you only share what you already know.


Live a Balanced Life


Learn to balance your life. Money may not solve every problem in your life. Conversely, a loving family that is broke may not enjoy their lives to the fullest. A balanced life is when you make progress in every area of your life including health, wealth, personal growth, and relationships.


Figure Out Your Passion

If you need to succeed in life, engage in something you are passionate about. That fire in your belly is what will drive you to your success.

Today’s world has turned into a negative one and that makes me very, very sad. It seems like instead of picking each other up, we are tearing each other down. There are certain websites that like to look for anything to get clicks and bring people down. It is a vicious cycle and it has really gotten out of hand. That is why Keith Mann is trying to put a stop to it and make positive changes in the world as much as he can. With Uncommon Schools, he is looking to help children go to college, get an education, and further their lives.


Instead of saying his hands are tired and not doing a single thing, he is holding fundraisers that are raising over twenty-two thousand dollars for The Uncommon School Districts. This is something that Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is incredibly passionate about and is involved in as much as possible. When it comes to the police, he knows there have been a lot of negative stories about them. However, he knows a lot about the police thanks to his uncle that is a detective. He knows the struggles and hard work that goes into being a policeman or a policewoman.


It is one of those things where people don’t realize the importance of police until they need them. They are always there and they are only a phone call away. They are truly there for the people and they will make sacrifices for the betterment of the people. There are a lot of times where they are away from their families and they miss important family events.


Keith Mann does not think that one or two bad cops should be seen as the whole police force. That is not how they do their job and that is now how they live their lives. These are people that have signed up for a very demanding job, both physically and emotionally. They know it and they don’t complain about it. However, by him treating the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch two times, they get a real boost of happiness and a feel of appreciation.

The Technology Marketing Corporation has recognized Talk Fusion Video Chat as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. This is a highly selective award for businesses involved in video, data, and voice communications that have either greatly improved or been introduced to the market within the past 12 months. This is the second award that Talk Fusion has received from the organization this year, highlighting their high level of commitment to bring best products in the industry to customers. Chief Executive Officer of Technology Marketing Corporation, Rich Tehrani, stated that Talk Fusion, among others who received accolades, was ‘the best of the best products and solutions on the market today.’

In addition to being honored by Technology Marketing Corporation twice in one year, Talk Fusion has been keeping busy and expanding in the process. The global video marketing business has also begin giving potential customers a 30-day free trial with their products. Seeing truly is believing. The moment that these prospective customers notice the difference that Talk Fusion can make in their business, they will wonder how they ever marketed any other way.

Talk Fusion is a company that offers the following communication solutions to customers: video chat, live meetings, sign-up forms, video email, and video newsletters. Talk Fusion products are currently available in 140 countries at affordable prices for businesses of any size. It also holds the distinction of being the first ‘all-in-one video marketing solution.’ Using WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion is able to provide businesses with dynamic marketing solutions to engage and persuade audiences using video.

Bob Reina, the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion established the company in 2007. He has ingrained the spirit of giving back into Talk Fusion’s work environment. Using their Charity Account program, Talk Fusion allows employees to give back to charities of their own choosing. This is a unique gifting option, as it doesn’t require money from the employee. Talk Fusion associates are able to gift Custom Plans to the charity of their choice so that these non-profit organizations can implement Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions to reach their current and potential contributors. It’s an invaluable gift that Talk Fusion is proud to offer.

Dr. Brian Bonar seems to find a new interest every time that intrigues him. Lately that interest in the restaurant business, and he’s decided it’s time to give California visitors something remarkable to taste. One of his latest most famous acquisitions has been an Californian and French cuisine called Bellamy’s in Escondido, CA to which he hired an award-winning chef, Patrick Ponsaty.

One might not have thought that Bonar, who to this point had spent his career in business management intertwined with technology would be pouring his resources into culinary arts. But he loves the idea of visitors getting a rich taste of San Diego County, and now he’s expanding his restaurant holdings to a Bandy Canyon ranch.

Bonar got into business back in the early 1980s when he got his degrees from Strathclyde University in Scotland, and later Staffordshire University in England. He was an expert manager and marketer who worked 17 years for IMB UK Limited, helping grow the then computer manufacturer and technology giant into European markets.

He would later relocate to the US where he would work for several more technology corporations including QMS Management, the Amanda Company, Bezier Systems, and later Rastek and Adaptec Corporations, many of which market printing hardware and software solutions.

But most notably Brian Bonar became a key figure who promoted professional employer organizations (PEO), starting first with Imaging Technologies who merged with a key PEO SourceOne Group, and then Trucept Inc. Professional employer organizations basically are independent companies that provide human resource and accounting services in a packaged product to businesses, usually small and mid-sized businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford a human resources department.

The PEO usually is listed as an employee’s company of record on tax documents, considering the PEO usually does the recruiting, hiring, payroll, and employee benefits packages. The company that hired the PEO still has the final say over employee activities and hiring or firing them.

Bonar helped establish Trucept as a major PEO and helped implement payroll and hours tracking software into their system. He also served as CEO and chairman of the board at the Dalrada Financial Corporation, a company that puts together these employee benefits packages. Imaging Technologies evolved into a complete printing and copy machine service company with ongoing support and proprietary software under Bonar’s leadership. And it was only just a few years ago that Bonar started getting involved in the restaurant business.

Bruce Levenson is one of the most accomplished people in sports today. He did a great job of turning around the Atlanta Hawks, says ESPN experts. He recently found himself in a lawsuit with an insurance company pertaining to his time with the Hawks. Looking over the course of his life, it is easy to see why so many people think highly of him. He has always worked hard to accomplish his goals, and during his life he has had a positive impact on a lot of people. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great example to learn from.

Bruce Levenson

When he first took over the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson did not know where to start. The team was bad, and fan support was at its lowest point in many years. However, he knew that if he could build a winning team, the fans would come to watch them in high numbers. He quickly made investments into the team in order to get more people excited about the Hawks. In just a few years, he did a great job of investing in the team and turning things around. See,

Future Plans

Although he is not leading the Hawks anymore, Bruce Levenson is still doing a lot of great things in Atlanta. A lot of people are looking forward to the next step in his life. The good news is that Bruce Levenson is prepared to do what is necessary to accomplish his goals. A lot of people look up to the success that he has had in his life and his career. Bruce Levenson gives a lot of time and money to local charities in Atlanta, and he plans to continue to do so in the coming years. Read,


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