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The Supreme Court’s decision to rule in favor of Citizens United told America that its justice system supports profit over people. Corporations have corrupted and manipulated politicians for centuries, and the controversial ruling of Citizens Untied is another knife in the back of the working class. Big Money’s influence in politics is creating crisis after crisis, from Climate Change to servere economical inequality. Out of this struggle against corporate greed comes the political action committee (PAC) End Citizens United.

The Citizens United organization started as a Republican group that made a 90-min attack video against Hillary Clinton. At the time, the law stated that all campaign ads must have the source of the funding exposed. To combat this law, the conservative group took the case to court. Initially the lower courts ruled in the favor against Citizens United, but appeals made their way to the Supreme Court. The vote in the highest court was close, with a 5-4 ruling stating the court was upholding the first Amendment. Now major corporations have the access to donate anonymously and infinitely to any politician they please. Insuring the fact that the selected politician will always side with money, over the will of the people.

To fight against this inverted Wall Street political takeover, End Citizens United was formed March 1, 2015. Located in the belly of the beast out of Washington D.C, this institution has teamed up with the Democratic Party to resist the Supreme Court’s decision. Plainly, the major goal of End Citizens United is to overturn the controversial ruling of Citizens United. The best and most realistic way of getting rid of the court’s choice is an amendment to the constitution, which takes the majority of the House and Senate. So, the progressive organization is helping Democratic candidates that are refusing corporate PAC money. Already, End Citizens United has raise millions of dollars for politicians that meet their standers, and plan on raising millions more.

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Dr. Johanan Rand is an exceptional medical doctor located in West Orange, New Jersey. Rand specializes in age management medicine and focuses on hormone levels, nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Johanan Rand named his practice Healthy Aging Medical Center after training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx, New York.

Dr. Rand prides himself on his genuine healthcare. His goal is to give his patients one on one individualized attention in order to find what is best for each.

Additionally, he provides adequate information on supplements such as fish oil and Vitamin D along with proper dosage of each.

Some of the most vital forms of aging are weight loss, memory loss, depression and anxiety. Once the body is taken over by these things it begins to deteriorate.

Dr. Rand specializes in reversing these egregious, and sometimes life-threatening cycles.

Anti-aging therapies are not only helpful to those who are looking to find their youth, they are great for those who are sickly as well.

Dr. Johanan Rand will certainly fit your needs having experience for more than 15 years ( Along with developing a hormone therapy for women going through menopause, Rand has contributed a large amount of research material into developing efficient hormonal therapies for erectile dysfunction.

Those of you who are struggling with aging problems and cant find the proper treatments can now sit back and let Dr. Rand work his magic.

His pleasant yet effective techniques allow the body to gradually blossom into the youthful young man/woman you once were.

Another element that Dr. Rand can provide is his certification in medical acupuncture.

One of the many attributes that sets Dr. Johanan Rand apart is his way of only practicing Peer-Reviewed Medicine. Meaning, his methods are proven over and over again to be effective by other doctors in his field.


Upwork Global Inc. is a company which provides a global platform for freelancers. It allows companies and independent professionals a way to collaborate over the internet on projects. This company was founded in 2003 and is presently led by Chief Executive Officer Stephane Kasriel.

On their blog, Upwork recently posted an article about how to correctly use to-do lists. The first tip was to write everything down you need to keep track of. The main reason for this is so that you can get your tasks out of your head, allowing yourself to concentrate on the task at hand. They recommend using a mobile app to jot down everything you need to do so that this list can be accessed no matter where you are.

As Upwork advises the independent professionals it works with, they say that all of your to-do lists should be kept in one place. Many people end up with tasks scattered all over; stuck to the refrigerator, sticky notes on their monitors, and whatnot. This will inevitably lead to tasks not getting accomplished. This is another reason why they recommend using a mobile note-taking app so that everything is in one location where it can’t get lost.

Upwork has around 12 million registered independent professionals on its website. They also have about 5 million registered companies they work with. It is one of the biggest freelancing firms in the world. Clients who need work performed can interview freelancers and then hire them for a specific project that needs completing. The interview and further communication can be done through a real-time chat feature. The website keeps track of the time the freelancer spends on the project.

At Upwork they offer a large variety of types of work to perform remotely. This includes web development, writing, customer services, sales, accounting, consulting, marketing, and more. In all there are over 3,5000 available skills on Upwork which means a company can find a match for any type of available work. In addition to accessing their platform on a desktop and laptop they also have mobile versions to access their available work on both the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.


The Citizens United decision of 2010 is still being fought over by different groups including the End Citizens United group which was established in 2015 with the aim of overturning the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court. The story of the development of the Citizens United decision is one which has always been controversial and many believe designed to solely provide more support for the Republican Party; the fact the wealthiest people in the land were those who benefitted most from the ruling is something not often taken into account until the “new rules” of election financing are explained to voters.

The problem of the decision is one which came to light in 2008 when the Citizens United group began a court case which would revolve around the showing of a film, “Hillary; The Movie”. Citizens United faced a court challenge over the content and financial backing for the movie on many fronts as the legality of showing what many saw as a “hatchet job” on the former Secretary of State on the eve of an election could not be proven. Citizens United went on to fail to provide any evidence of who was backing the production and broadcasting of the film which would form the central narrative of the case.

End Citizens United believes the eventual decision allowing almost unlimited funding of candidates for various positions from wealthy donors and corporate groups would result in a division of the nation along financial lines which many see as unfair. In response to the rising power of GOP backers such as the Koch Brothers, End Citizens United was established under the leadership of President Tiffany Muller who has become a focal point for many of the causes of the political action committee. Although End Citizens United has been at the heart of the rising level of annoyance about the backing of candidates by special interest groups during election cycles the traditional PAC has continued to fight for a reversal of the decision and to protect the few regulations which remain in place. For example, Tiffany Muller was a vocal critic of the attempts to overturn the Johnson Amendment by Republicans who were looking to allow greater funding of political groups by Church groups who are currently banned from providing funds for election campaigns under rules introduced by former President Lyndon Johnson.

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Southridge Capital is a firm that aids burgeoning businesses with the financial needs. The firm has a group of diversely skilled analysts with innovative strategic plans that help their clients steer through the financial marketplace. Southridge has a portfolio growth of $1.8 billion, the firm has successfully aided over 250 businesses. The firm has a multitude of products available from balance sheet management to acquisitions.


Southridge uses an individualized approach for each client. Each business model is unique to each client whether it is servicing mergers or financial assumptions, Southridge’s staff pays attention to every detail. One of the most popular products that Southridge Capital offers is their Balance Sheet Optimization. This product helps businesses understand their debt and equity, along with receiving high yield results versus losses.


Southridge also offers a restructuring analysis program. This program helps their clients get back into the mainstream of things; and recover from things like bankruptcies. The firm also has a legal team to assist with all legal ventures to keep their clients time and expenses at a minimal. The restructuring analysis can include credit solutions and monetization of current assets in the business portfolio.


Southridge uses favorable strategies to deal with businesses creditors to relieve debt by using common stock interests, so that their clients can regain stability in the financial industry. Southridge looks for innovative ways to aid a business back into the arena by keeping the impact of the market at a low. Because of their strategies, Southridge is renown amongst leading businesses in regards to restructuring. To see more you can checkout



Southridge Capital is not just all about business; the firm has a philanthropic side as well. Founder and CEO, Stephen M. Hicks and his staff believes in giving back. The firm highly believes in and supports community and volunteerism. Through their employee’s and the community, the firm plays a big part in faith-based charity work across the U. S.


One of the products of the firms giving spirit is the Daystar Foundation. Daystar funds and supports the different outreach organizations that are in the community and in the nation. Some of these organizations include: Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, Walnut Community Hill Church, and many others have reap the charitable benefits of Southridge Capital.




Freedom checks are the earnings received from MLPs and are the result of an income-driven investment strategy which focuses primarily on the natural resources segment of the financial market. To encourage corporate investment in U.S. energy independence, Congress created the law statute 26-F in 1987 allowing companies to operate in a tax-free manner provided these companies 1. Are involved in the production, processing, storage, and transportation of U.S. natural resources and 2. Payout most of their profits to stockholders. These companies, known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLP), can be a lucrative source of regular income, as corporate earnings pass directly to the shareholders through regular, often quarterly, distributed “Freedom Checks”. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali, the editor of the Banyan Hill publishing newsletters, Real Wealth Strategist, and Front Line Profits, is a geologist who has spent twenty years researching natural resources, including their investment value and believes that investing in MLPs is a good strategy for cash flow investors. Matt Badiali recommends a thorough investigation of financials and recommends only investing in MLPs with assets greater than $1 billion and whose assets include high-demand raw materials will have the largest Freedom Checks and be the most secure investments. It is also important to keep in mind that factors such as initial investment and reinvestment opportunities will affect the amount of the Freedom Check between different stockholders.

Investors who are comfortable investing in dividend producing stocks will find the transition to MLPs easy, as they act very similar to one another. While the choices of MLPs is narrower than dividend stocks (there are only 568 current Master Limited Partnerships), finding the perfect match for your budget and portfolio structure is obtainable and can complement other investments. Designed as an income producing investment, MLPs can provide a regular income through freedom checks and increase cash flow within investments and diversify a portfolio.



Jason Hope. one of the most important entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona, has recently announced that he will be donating more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, one of the most cutting-edge research institutions in the medical profession today. Hope has long been intensely interested in the prospect of reducing the effects of aging and, hopefully, allowing people to eventually live far longer than is currently possible.

Ever since Hope was a young man, he was immersed in the medical literature, seeking to understand the root causes of some of the worst diseases and how to reduce or postpone indefinitely the aging process. As a result of his studies, Hope quickly came to the realization that many of the worst diseases in America are primarily a consequence of the aging process itself. The inside the Hope had was that if the aging process itself could be understood of the molecular level, and maybe possible to stave off or definitely postpone of the worst effects of aging.

It turned out that this philosophy was remarkably close to that of another important figure in the anti-aging research field. Aubrey de Grey, the founder of the SENS Foundation, which stands for strategies for engineered negligible senescence, has always been convinced that finding the molecular causes of the aging process would be one of the best means of effectively combating most of them more serious diseases that afflict the American public health. One of these diseases is atherosclerosis, a disease state that arises when too many lipids flow through the bloodstream, attaching themselves to the wall of the blood vessels and excluding the flow of blood.

Atherosclerosis kills hundreds of thousands of people each year in the United States alone, making it one of the deadliest diseases known to science. It is for this reason that the SENS Foundation has long focused on studying atherosclerosis in particular and inflammatory processes that lead to the formation of this deadly condition generally.

Hope’s large donation will primarily go to the study of atherosclerosis, allowing the SENS Foundation to fund a team of full-time researchers for as much as a year. The SENS Foundation has stated that this donation will represent significant infusion of capital, allowing the institution to make far more progress than it would otherwise have been able to, had Hope not stepped up and magnanimously donated his hard-earned money.

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In his book, Twp Minutes From the Abyss Vijay Eswaran emphasizes that we need to embrace the present. We can’t remain in the past or plan too far in the future. The future isn’t promised to us. Dwelling on the past can only weigh you down. Eswaran provides 11 pillars of life management that have helped him succeed in life and business. Those 11 pillars have helped him focus on the present.

Eswaran’s background is Middle Eastern and his tenants for life follow the established patterns of Middle Eastern religious philosophies. These tenants have created a foundation for his business interests and attributed to his success in his personal life. His passion for sharing his beliefs shows in everything he does. Eswaran is a strong believer in empowering others to embrace the present and be open to serving others.

His successes with his QI Group of companies which he founded in 1998 are well noted in the World Economic Forum. He has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs in poor communities in Asia and the Middle East. Eswaran offers practical advice that helps people move past their fears instead of wallowing in them.

Eswaran suggests that fear is good for you if it motivates you to move forward. Fear shouldn’t paralyze you, but should instead energize you. Clarity of vision is important. Sometimes fear can cloud your vision. Focusing on what you can do to utilize and work through the fear can be eye-opening.

Vijay Eswaran has weathered some challenges. Each challenge is a stepping stone to success. They are also ways to embrace the present. Potential entrepreneurs need to work through those challenges and learn from them. Challenges will come. It is your attitude that does make a difference.

Business success doesn’t come easy. You must be committed to growth. You must first, however, care for your employees. In business and in life a genuine compassion for others opens people up to accepting change. Eswaran believes that change is a constant factor that you must accept. Change is hard when you get older, but those who reject change often get left behind.

Cigarettes are not doing as well as they once were, and this is actually a fortunate thing. Vaping is quickly sweeping over the nation these days, with people in all age groups getting involved with eCigs. They provide a whole host of benefits over traditional smoking that more and more people are becoming aware of after they get past the initial vastness of the vaping world. It can be intimidating to find a place to start on eCigs, thankfully there is O2pur, which provides all sorts of eCig gear for new and experienced users. Their starter kits are highly affordable and provide new vapors with every tool they need to effectively start using eCigs.

Some people may ask, well why bother with eCigs when there are normal cigarettes, they do the same thing. Well, this is true to a degree, but untrue on many others. eCigs are much more convenient than traditional cigarettes since you don’t need to carry lighters and you don’t need to put an eCig out or find a place to dispose of it. eCigs provide virtually no waste and there are no ashes to deal with. At any time, a user can put out there eCig, take a few drags, and then put the eCig back in their pocket, it’s as simple as that.

eCigs use a battery and a tank of e-liquid that is burned to allow a user to actually smoke. One of the most beneficial parts of e-liquid’s, other than being cheaper than actual cigarettes and lasting longer, is that they come in many flavors that traditional smokers have never experienced before. Just trying out all the new flavors that are available in the vaping world will take some time for new eCig owners.

eCigs have become popular to the point that vaping is even done for show, with various different techniques used to create unique effects with the smoke that is produced. While O2pur does not provide users with these techniques for fun, they do provide them with everything they need to start practicing these techniques as well, though it can be more costly that way. See what O2pur has to offer today on their personal website, which also offers many reviews to help users make the right choices.

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Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate coach who has had a successful career as an investor and business owner. He enjoys offering advice to people around the world. Since the start of his career, he has continuously worked to make his dreams a reality. He started from nothing and eventually became one of the most successful investors in the world.

Nick recently founded a real estate academy designed to teach people basic investing principles. These principles can help people improve their financial position over an extended period. Real estate investing is not easy, and anyone who thinks it is a way to get rich quick will be disappointed. However, people can generate monthly income by buying properties and renting them to tenants.

Early Start for Nick

Nick Vertucci started working in the real estate industry as soon as he graduated from college. He loved showing clients various homes in his local area. However, he quickly decided to start a real estate company to increase his income. Operating a business was hard, and he struggled to increase the revenue of the business. Over time, he was able to make the business successful. Many people enjoy working with Nick Vertucci due to his passion for real estate.

Investing Tips

Through his real estate academy, Nick Vertucci teaches basic investing principles to people around the world. He is passionate about helping people achieve their financial dreams.

Financing is a problematic subject for someone people to grasp. Some investors borrow as much money as possible when they start investing. Borrowing too much money can be a significant issue for the vast majority of people. Nick Vertucci firmly believes that taking a steady investing approach is the best way to generate high returns. Anyone who works with Nick understands that he genuinely cares about the success of his clients.