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There are lip balms, and then there are lip balms. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are all alike, because they are not.

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need to apply lip balm on a daily basis. Everyone on the planet needs a lip balm- women, men, teens and children. Our lips, as beautiful and unique as they are, become quite vulnerable when exposed to the elements. Lips are very special to the human body but lack melanin and cannot stay protected on their own from the searing sun. Our lips are also thinner in structure and do not have sebaceous glands to allow for moisture.

That means, we all need a decent and protective lip balm to safeguard our mouths in any kind of weather. Rough, cracked and sensitive lips are not comfortable and look painful to others. Most people are unaware that dry, chapped lips also cause nasty cold sores and bacterial infections to occur.

We happen to adore and respect the EOS lip balm brand, Evolution of Smooth, because the name says it all. These smartly-shaped round balls of lip balm are able to reach every nook and cranny on any lip shape out there.

Not only do Evolution of Smooth balms look perfect in their simple spherical design, but they glide along your lips like butter, adding key nourishment in a superb, organic base of jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E. Plus, the delicious flavors are out of this world and addictive on all fronts. Consider Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, Pomegranate Raspberry or Strawberry Sorbet(, to name a few.

Yummy, protective and made with pureness, there isn’t a better lip balm out there today. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are easy to find lost in your big bag of stuff and travel anywhere, too. EOS products are available on major retailers such as Target, Ulta, Walmart, Amazon and Racked online.


The instant alliance was founded in 2001 by Rona Borre. Borre is a female who is very motivated and individual who is ready to work in the recent times she has been highlighted as one of the among top women entrepreneurs in Chicago land and also the entire as well. Her wealth has been increasing from time to time over the years.


Rona Borre has been acknowledged with an accredited magazine

She has granted leadership roles by the Chicago community organization due to her having the great personality the organization is like the Young President Organization, Chicago Network and Economic Club of Chicago. Furthermore, she has been highlighted and documented by various TV stations like CBS 2 Chicago USA Today, CNN and Crain’s Chicago. Companies like the National Association of women business owners and business ledger as an among the influential Woman Business women in the USA.  Based on

Rona Borre has been acknowledged with an accredited magazine, Enterprising Woman Magazine as the enterprising woman of the year; this also marks the addition of the number of accolades to the company. Rona Borre is also a learned individual she obtained her BS in Business from the University of Arizona. Rona has been working.

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Dreams are achieved by putting efforts towards your to it. Rona has been working tirelessly to do so.

Equities First Holdings is now one of the most sought alternative creditors during the harsh economic crisis. When the crisis is high, banks and other credit companies reduce lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, they end up decreasing their loans. For this reason, they will work to attain better money through the use of stocks as collateral. For those companies, they must be determined to get better money through the issuance of fast working capital in a manner that is not capitalized in the industry. If you are a better calculator you might always consider the services offered by Equities First Holdings as a better option during the harsh economic crisis. For this reason, you end up developing severe economic crisis.

For over 14 years of professional experience, Equities First Holdings has worked to issue more than 2,000 transactions to their clients to amounts of completion. Or this reason, they end up working for better results through the management of fast working capital. During the harsh economic crisis, you might want to develop high-end management in a way that depicts the true nature of stability. For this reason, you end up worrying about bad governance. Equities First Holdings has always stayed ahead of the rest to issue more money to their clients. While other banks exist to issue capital in exchange for the stocks, Equities First Holdings always issues more money than the banks. For this reason, you end up working for capability management.

Equities First Holdings is also a better manager for equity funds. According to Al Christy of Equities First Holdings, most people do not understand that there are marked differences between the margin and stock-based loans. For this reason, they treat these two different loans as one entity. If you have a better understanding, you will realize that the stock-based loans are better than margin loans.

Sleep apnea is one of the most unreached diseases in the world. As a matter of fact, the disease has no known cure to date. For this reason, the development of various therapies to help treat the disease is a better option. As a matter of fact, Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based in New Jersey with the passion of developing the many therapies associated with the treatment of the disease. During his 15 years of professional experience, he has developed more than 100 treatments that can be designed to make beer treatment adjustments to this disease. For his reason, you might consider working to attain better business management in a manner that determines the better elongation capabilities.

Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in the United States to achieve better business through sustainability management. For this reason, everyone will bet get better business achievements in a manner that is not depicted in this industry. As a matter of fact, everyone wants to achieve better business through accessibility issues associated with poor governance. For this reason, people will always achieve better through the introduction of sleep apnea medical therapies. Avi Weisfogel has stayed ahead of the rest in this action to offer solutions to this medical condition in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.

The Dental Sleep Masters Company works with its founder to extend into more research associated with this disease. According to the company, more than 90 percent of the people suffering from this disease are not aware of its deadly effects. For this reason, the company is seeking to have doctors and medical practitioners taught about the various occurrences of the disease and helped patients decide a better business management capability. For you to develop high-end entities in this business, you will always work to attain management credentials.According to a recent study by the company, the sleep apnea medical condition can be inherited. For this reason, it will remain under cover until a certain trigger occurs in your body. He disease is also associated with the occurrence of certain deadly diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and stroke.



A giant in the world of female entrepreneurs, Rona Borre has made a tremendous name for herself throughout her career. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Borre has used her degree in Business along with her knowledge and experience to make a tremendous impact in the business world. She has been recognized with numerous awards not only individually but with her company.


Rona Borre founded tech staffing firm Instant Alliance


Borre holds a very impressive resume. The CEO of Instant Alliance, Rona sits on multiple board and holds multiple leadership roles including the Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. During her career she has had the privilege of working with some big names in the news business including CNBC, CNN, CBS and Today. Her work has allowed her to be nationally recognized among woman entrepreneurs. Some of her other honors include being recognized as an influential woman by The Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners. These impressive and respected awards do no include the numerous awards she has received as a member of her company.

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Rona Borre founded tech staffing firm Instant Alliance from the comfort of her Chicago condo in 2001. She is currently a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.  Based on Her dreams and goals began from humble beginnings. She has showcased an ability to work hard and stay dedicated. This work ethic has allowed her to become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs around. With this determination, she is sure to be a name you will hear about for many more years to come.

Whitney Wolfe is showing the world that she is able to connect with users in a meaningful way. She has allowed many people to connect with other singles through her Bumble dating app, and this is a surefire way for her to rise of the top in corporate America.

Some might say that Whitney Wolfe just has a knack for these types of things. She is a young entrepreneur that is attractive and energetic. She was on the list of the Forbes 30 under 30. As someone that co-founded Tinder, it was obvious that Whitney Wolfe already knew how to formulate the dating game through an app. Now that she is the president of Bumble there are even more reasons to cheer her on. Wolfe created a dating app that allows her to help people get their dating started in a timely manner.

The great thing about someone like Whitney Wolfe is that she has some type of experience in the matters of dating because she is still young. She knows what young singles are looking for. She is not this senior citizen executive that is simply looking for a chance to make money. What Whitney appears to be doing is making a legit attempt to actually connect singles through a window where the women control communication. There is a 24 time window that makes Bumble stand out from the others. That has been the common complaint for dating apps. That is why she has made it her business to take care of this problem.

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This is the app that has managed to have lots of success. People are thrilled by just how much they can do with this app in comparison to the competition. It is one of those apps for people that want a new dating experience.

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EOS lip balms are unique for a variety of different reasons. Not only are they all natural and organic but they are also available in a large range of different flavors. Each lip balm is hypoallergenic and offers a smooth creamy texture. Although the EOS lip balms are available in a large range of flavors these are just four of the most unique flavors to choose from.

Medicated Tangerine

The medicated tangerine is unique in that it offers some medicated relief for chapped lips. It is available in orange packaging and offers an energizing tangerine flavor. Not only is it soothing but it also helps to relieve dry chapped lips in no time. It is one of the only EOS lip balms that offer medicated protection. It can be found online as well as in many different retail locations all around the world.

Fresh Grapefruit

The fresh grapefruit flavor is unique because it offers an SPF of 30. It helps to keep the lips soft as well as hydrated especially while outdoors. It has a light fresh grapefruit scent. The fresh grapefruit flavor is often available in many different pharmacies and retail locations. It is also easily available online.

Sheer Pink

The sheer pink is one of the most unique EOS lip balms available. Not only is it one of the only lip balms to add color to your lips it is also one of the only lip balms available in black packaging. It is a smooth creamy texture that offers the slightest hint of a pink shimmery color. It is very moisturizing and offers natural conditioning oils that leave lips hydrated for a long time. It is available in a few select retail locations. It is also widely available online.

Coconut Milk

The coconut flavor is very unique in that it offers visibly softer lips with just one use. It has a smooth creamy texture and offers a faint coconut smell that is very relaxing and moisturizing. The coconut milk flavor is available in many different pharmacies and drug stores as well as many different department stores. It is also available online.

These are just four of the most unique flavors that EOS has to offer. Some of the other unique flavors include sweet mint, vanilla mint, lemon twist, and even vanilla bean. Each EOS lip balm is available in many retail locations as well as online.

The delicious flavors of EOS lip balms are available online on the website, alongside many other stores such as Amazon and eBay. EOS lip balm products are also available on stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, Well( and Target.


Makari provides an exceptional line of beauty merchandise. It is a revolutionary line of products that are geared towards men and women of color. Makari carters to individuals of darker tones and provides these individuals with a wide range of skincare, hair treatment, and make-up options. Makari’s amazing products all contain natural ingredients. Some of the natural ingredients include Caviar, Argan oil, and Carrot oil. These natural ingredients provide hydrating and nourishing products. Makari has established itself as the leader for skin whitening cream in the beauty industry.

A skin whitening cream product that is great for all types of skin tones is Body Beautifying Whitening Milk. The Body Beautifying Whitening Milk helps to restore the glow and moisture of the skin. It also helps to decrease the appearance of stretch marks, discoloration, early aging, and hyperpigmentation. Its touch is very silky and light to the skin. Use this product twice 1 time in the morning and 1 time at night all over the body. The Body Beautifying Whitening Milk is an amazing skin cream option in Makari’s beauty product line.

Clarifying Cream is another cream that Makari has to offer. It is a nourishing cream that will melt right into the skin. This magnificent product helps to restore dryness and/or discoloration in areas such as elbows, knees, knuckles, and feet. It helps revive the toughest areas of the skin. It is great for providing your skin with the ultimate sustenance and hydration. It contains grapefruit and cucumber which helps to brighten up the skin. It also contains Hydantoin which provides the maximum amount of hydration and nourishment. Apricot oil helps the product to renew the appearance of the skin. Use this product on dry areas during the morning and night time.

Multi-Action Lightening Cream helps to treat very dry and dull skin. It helps to protect you from UV rays that are harmful for the skin. It improves signs of aging and discloration on the skin. For best results apply in the morning all over your face.

In conclusion, Makari provides amazing skin whitening cream products.

George Soros is best known as a billionaire hedge fund manager. He has publicly stated his belief that Donald Trump is a con man, an imposter and wants to be a dictator. Soros is now 86 and attended the World Economic Forum. This took place in Davos, Switzerland and it was here he stated Donald Trump is going to fall. He is convinced he is correct.

George said Trump believes in a different form of government and this is the complete opposite of an open society. George is a Hungarian immigrant and he survived the Holocaust. He firmly believes what Trump has in mind is a mafia state or a dictatorship. Soros feels if he thought he could get away with it Trump would become a dictator. George thinks the institutions within the United States have enough strength to prevent this from becoming a reality on Politico.

George has explained that Trumps ideas are self contradictory and that his advisors embody this fact. The uncertainty as to what Trump will do is now at its highest point on Forbes. George stated that figuring out exactly what Trump is going to do is impossible because Trump has not figured it out yet. George feels Trump was merely building up his brand but had no real expectations of winning the presidency.

When George was asked how he felt the business community should respond to Trump as time passes George replied he would stay as far away from it as possible. George Soros also feels in regards to global trade and the status of international relationships China will benefit greatly from Trump. He says Trump is going to make China much more acceptable as one of the leading members of the international community. He says this will help China more than they are able to help themselves.

George Soros has spoken out against Trump in the past. He used the same description back in December when Trump was the president-elect. He claimed the cabinet Trump was putting together were incompetent, retired generals and extremists. He felt they would not have the ability to protect and promote democracy on Business Insider throughout the world.

George Soros gave his support to Hillary Clinton while she was campaigning and made donations of millions to a pro-Clinton PAC. He was also one of Clinton’s donors in 2008. Once Trump became victorious, George lost around $1 billion. This statement was made by the Wall Street Journal. The Journal also said Georges fund went up 5% in 2016.

There was once a time when the subject of comparative law was understood to largely be the domain of academics and theorists. This paradigm understood the field of study to be largely concerned with the opportunity to research the vast and numerous ways that human beings have developed complex answers to questions of governance and policy making. According to New York University comparative law is concerned with the question of understanding and analyzing the differences and similarities between the dynamic system of laws that have been developed in different societies.


On its surface law can appear to be a tedious subject but the field of comparative law unveils how dynamic and diverse legal systems can be. While learning about the ways that different cultures have cultivated their political traditions can be incredibly stimulating in recent years the study of comparative law has taken on a particular level of importance as human society has developed more technologies that have that allowed us to travel more efficiently across national borders and to do business in foreign countries.


One of the leading experts in comparative law as it applies to constitutions is Sujit Choudry. Choudry has used comparative law as a tool to help answer the vital question of how nations that have experienced authoritarianism and war should transform themselves into liberal democracies. Comparative law has informed his work to address the question of how young democracies should design their constitutions to ensure political stability. His professional background has included arguing before Canada’s Supreme Court, leveraging his expertise to the benefit of the World Bank and helping to advise countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa on their constitutional transitions. Read more:


Choudry refined his legal education by attending many of the world’s best universities including McGill University in Canada and Harvard Law School in the United States. He began his career as a law clerk in Canada and eventually chose to return to the world of academia as a professor at institutions of higher education like the New York University School of Law, the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law and the University of California, Berkley’s Law School. He has contributed a broad body of work to the study of comparative law. He recently published a book with the help of co-writer and co-editor Tom Ginsburg about the constitutional development process called Constitution Making. The book is a text that examines constitutional difficulties in countries like Spain, Chile, South Africa and Northern Africa. Check their forum:


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