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Louis Chenevert was a godsend to the United Technologies Corporation in their time of need. He personally made this company the great success that it is today.

He became the chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation in the year 2006. The company mainly created and researched technology products that had to do with aerospace manufacturing. They were one of the world’s largest producers of jet engines for both commercial airlines and militaries around the globe. They played a substantial role in the air-conditioning industry and had contracts of many corporations. They produced flight controls and sensors and aerospace systems. Because of his hard work investors were able to see the stock price go from $37 to $117. This is nearly a 200% increase.

His biggest accomplishment was acquiring the nearest competitor for $16.3 billion.

He would also cut costs at United Technologies Corporation. Rather than paying environmental fines he found ways to reduce water consumption by 53% and lower gas emissions by another 26%. He then began urging other companies to follow this example.

Though he stepped down in the year 2014, he was able to make a great impact on this great company. First of all, he refused to abandon the place the company called home and fire the workers. The company was based in Connecticut which is no one’s idea of a cost-effective place to do business. However, not only did he manage to keep profit level but he was able to generate twice the amount of returns that the average S&P 500 companies during his time as CEO.

The United Technologies Corporation has faithfully paid its dividends every 77 years and routinely raises the cost. Just last year the dividend payout was raised by 10%.

He has been able to lead the United Technologies Corporation to gather many government contracts to give substantial income for UTC. The Sikorsky unit is the world’s largest producer of helicopters for the US government.

He also focused on his training workers and loving them. A group of engineers were moved to a site where there skills worked.

Jeff Aronin since 2010 has been the CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences and has worked in some Paragon portfolio companies which have enabled him to have a vast experience in the biopharmaceutical world ( The primary purpose of Paragon Biosciences company is to be able to bring new vital medicines into the market to better the lives of people ailments that make them weak.

Paragon is very restless and has an excellent team that is hardworking to ensure that medicine gets to the people in need of it fast and is safe for them. Jeff Aronin brings together a remarkable group of medical professors who carry out all necessary test in the lab to ensure the results of the medicines are of good quality. The discovery of new drugs in the medical world needs a lot of funding since technology is necessary to carry out experiments, and the employees who research on these medicines also need to be paid since they put so much effort in their work. Jeff ensures that this Paragon’s portfolio companies get the best and hardworking expert and have enough resources to carry out their activities. Jeff believes that every problem should be able to be solved primarily those problems people think cannot be resolved. He, therefore, is very passionate about what he does and organizes good teams that are dedicated as he is. The teams Jeff has made have been well recognized for coming up with new inventions of medicines.

Paragon believe in the facts that they should first know the disease they are to find a medicine for, then understand the science around the illness and lastly practically test and research on the way to treat the disease by eradicating any thoughts that have no basis or proof. Most of the medicines made by Paragon are accepted into the market as the first since they trust their products under the excellent leadership of Jeff. Many investors mostly try contact Jeff since his company is well known and respected for its products. The investors try to sell their ideas of medicines creations to him, so they can be able to make their views of having a particular drug come into existence through his company.

Equities First Holdings formed when an opportunity emerged in the market finance. The company began in Australia in the year 2002 by Al Christy Jr, the President. Mr. Christy studied market strategies for many years in his life. Therefore, he became familiar with the trend involved. Much of his money, Mr. Christy used in investment and loans.

Equities First Holdings established in the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and the United States. As an international company, Equities First Holdings can solve financial ambiguities no other local or international money providing company can. The firm brings the investors closer together from all over the world.

At Equities First Holdings, the top officials are free to interact with the other workers. Thus, enhancing the manageability of the internal affairs of the company. We provide competitive income. Therefore, motivates our employees in working harder in steering the company forward. We help improve the productivity of other companies by support through appraisal of their projects.

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It is hard to understand how the entrepreneurship world operates. There is no right or wrong way to conduct business. The only thing that is required is wisdom and the ability to weigh your risks. The best way to avoid failure is to get insights by reading about the people who started entrepreneur journey before us.

Sheldon Lavin has an excellent reputation for the contribution that he has as the CEO of the OSI Group. Lavin always had a dream of making a difference in the world. He wanted to have a chain of firms that could provide the clients with all the necessities they needed. This meant he had to become a financial consultant.

Sheldon says that he understood that the firms need a financial backup to be successful in the market. He knew he had the capabilities to sustain them. He was scared at first and felt unsure of his ability, but when he began experiencing success of business , he became confident. The peak of his career began when he made a contract with Otto and Sons. He knew that the firm had the potential to go big. His assumptions are right, and the firm is currently known in all corners of the state.

When asked how he makes money, Sheldon says that it takes money to make money. He says that he only began having a profit after his firms were established. He deals with financial markets. With the boost of the income he gets from OSI Group, he is able to multiply his income.

Many people advise young business people to start small. This is very applicable when the investor has only a few resources to start the business. However, Lavin says otherwise in the cases where the capital is available. He explains that small businesses miss out the advantages of the large economies of scale. By establishing his firm into large multinational conglomerates, the costs were reduced, and the returns were high hence attracting other shareholders. This is how Lavin made the profit within a year in his business.

The investment world is tough, and every investor faces moments of doubts. Starting something new is not easy to anyone. Sheldon Lavin says that when he first invested in Otto and Sons, he was afraid and uncertain of his abilities. He relied on his talents and what he had been taught. After experiencing this victory, he gained confidence and continued to invest in other big companies.

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In the Feb. 7, 2018 press release entitled “Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital Issues Negative Report on Eastman Kodak Company,” Kerrisdale Capital and their Chief Investor Officer Sahm Adrangi issued a statement that they believe the increase in share value of Eastman Kodak Company (“Kodak”, NYSE: KODK) after Eastman Kodak Company’s announcement of a partnership with KODAKOne and KODAKCoin was merely due to erroneous hype. They expound that the shares, which have more than doubled in value since the announcement, are greatly overvalued.

In the full report issued by Kerrisdale Capital, the company states that they are short shares of Eastman Kodak Company. Kerrisdale and Sahm Adrangi explain that although blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the capacity to greatly impact many industries, KODAKOne’s use of these technologies will not accomplish their set goals. They emphasize that KODAKOne’s business plan to utilize this technology is not sound, explaining, “Cryptographically hashing an image into a blockchain doesn’t prove the provenance of intellectual property, a blockchain does not reduce the resources necessary for copyright enforcement…”

Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi believe the announcement by Eastman Kodak Company of the blockchain and cryptocurrency licensing partnership is merely a PR stunt, a stock-promotion endeavor by a company “hurtling towards bankruptcy.” They hold that the KODAKOne plan for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to solve issues related to copyrights is one that is destined to fail and is not a genuine attempt to utilize cutting-edge technology to solve a problem.

Kerrisdale and Sahm Adrangi believe that the announced partnership of Eastman Kodak Company with KODAKOne and KODAKCoin cannot stem the tide of Kodak’s decreasing revenue. The report by Kerrisdale Capital asserts, “We view the equity as worthless, implying downside of –100%.” Kerrisdale and Sahm Adrangi have clearly issued a wake-up call to investors.

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Securus technology is a prison technology firm based in the United States. The company was initiated in 1986 with its headquarters at Dallas in Texas, and it has other offices located in Allen, Atlanta, and Carrollton. The company has around one thousand people with more than two thousand six hundred contracts within the United States correctional facilities. This company invested over six million dollars in patents, technology, and acquisitions in July 2006 and it has since been the lead company in the United States when it comes to providing public and correctional facilities security with approvals from more than five correctional facilities by this time. The company developed a wireless repression solution which is meant to avert contraband phones access to mobile networks. The company has blocked over one million, seven hundred thousand inmate calls since November 2007 from correctional facilities.


Securus technology is a prominent company known for its provision of criminal and civil technology-based solutions for correction, investigation, monitoring and providing public safety. Some people have commended this company for averting inmate-on-inmate related crimes too. Robert Johnson is one of the people who used to encourage people to keep cell phones in the hands of inmates in prison. According to him this phone normally endangers the lives of inmates in prison and also the community at large. He worked at Lee correctional facility in South Carolina. His job was to confiscate any contraband at the facility. He did a commendable job at this facility but was shot at his home after having done this work for fifteen years. This was after he discovered a bag of contrabands which was approximated to be worth around fifty thousand dollars. He was shot in the stomach six times but survived after twenty-three surgeries. The convict who was responsible for his shooting was charged with attempted murder and being in possession of a contraband phone.


Putting up guards to confiscate contraband phones and other illegal items in correctional facilities is dangerous, and so companies like securus technologies should be integrated into the system to deal with this menace. Over the years, people who have used this technology have come up and beard witness as to how this company has transformed their lives. Some have been able to confiscate contrabands through information from criminal’s phones, drugs traffickers, bullies in correctional facilities, potential shootings and other crimes have been brought to light and an action taken by use of this securus company’s technology. Securus technologies ensure that they discover a new way of enhancing law enforcement and security in correctional facilities on a weekly basis according to Richard Smith, who is currently the securus technology chief executive officer, and this has seen the company being top always in providing security and safety in correctional facilities.


In the United Kingdom, there are a wide variety of Senior Living Homes. Of course, it is important to select a Senior Living Home that offers the senior the opportunity to live a more independent and satisfying lifestyle. Sussex Healthcare provides seniors with that opportunity. Sussex Healthcare head office is located in Sussex, United Kingdom.

The healthcare organization operates 20 well-respected care homes throughout the area. They’ve successfully operated the homes for 25 years. During that time, the homes have received numerous awards. It is important to note that Sussex specializes in providing quality care to seniors with dementia, Alzheimer disease, physical handicaps, mental handicaps, and more.

Why Choose Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is based primarily in Sussex. Their specialty is taking care of adults with mental and physical disabilities. Therefore, it is definitely important to hire people that are kind, caring, and friendly to work with the people in the care homes. In addition, they should be equipped with the skills and experience to handle the tasks that are required in their position held at Sussex Healthcare. The fact is that Sussex Healthcare is a wonderful place to work and a wonderful place for older adults to reside and still live an independent lifestyle in a safe and comfortable environment.

Important News
Of course, Sussex Healthcare requires a great staff to care for the people in their homes. However, Sussex Healthcare requires a knowledgeable and experienced healthcare specialist to manage the organization. The good news is that Amanda Morgan-Taylor is taking over the role of Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO is hard at work getting familiar with the organization and devising new plans to make a big difference in the organization. The new CEO brings along plenty of experience and is an expert in the healthcare industry.

Join Sussex Healthcare
Now, is a great time to start a new career at Sussex Healthcare. Sussex is an organization that believes in investing in good people. Therefore, they provide in-house training for many open positions at the organization, along with numerous benefits. Here is a sample of current job openings.

Peripatetic Care Home Manager
Administration Manager
Registered Nurse
Domestic Assistant
Senior Care Assistant
Kitchen Assistant

These are just a sampling of the current job opportunities. Visit the Sussex Healthcare online job site for more information on current job openings.

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In the view of Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers, there can often be something of a disconnect between the work completed by a DJ on a recording and the song itself which often feels it is owned by a guest performer. This is one area of the electronic music industry Alex Pall and his musical collaborator, Andrew Taggart have been trying to change for the better in their own career by taking a more prominent role in every aspect of their career.

Alex Pall explains his early experiences of building The Chainsmokers brand were not always positive with songwriters bringing their songs to the duo and expecting them simply to create something from what they were presented with. Pall and Taggart felt this was not a positive way of working and would continue to see their own involvement in every aspect of the creation of their songs build until it they were writing and performing their own material.

In recent interviews, Alex Pall explains this is a positive move the duo have discussed and believed this will help them cement their place in the global music industry as this would allow them to develop a strong performance-based reputation as artists in their own right. Among the problems, Alex Pall identified as being a major part of the reason why DJ’s are rarely seen out of the booth when performing their own material is a lack of authorship in terms of the songwriting process and performance aspects of the careers DJ’s tend to build.

One of the earliest decisions made by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart when they began their collaboration in 2012 was a desire to learn more about the songwriting process which has led to the DJ duo using their own experiences to develop songs. Alex Pall believes the desire to write their own songs adds to the confidence of The Chainsmokers to step out of the DJ booth and allow their own faces to be seen by the public.

Bob Reina knows how hard it is to get something like Talk Fusion off the ground. This was not something that just happened right away. It took time, effort, and every single person had to do his or her part. If Bob Reina tried to do it on his own, he would have wound up in the hospital from wearing himself out. He knew one of the most important things was to surround himself with the right people and the right team. These were people that were not afraid to work hard and they knew what they were doing. Bob Reina knows how to communicate that message to people and how to get it across to the right people.


He is a very intelligent man with a law enforcement background. Because of this, he knows how to reach people and he knows how to get them excited about the company. Here is the thing, though: it is not just company speak or him trying to rally the troops. When Bob Reina speaks, it comes directly from the heart. He is going to lay it all out there and he is going to be passionate a  get people excited.


That is what Bob Reina wants for every single person out there that uses Talk Fusion either for fun or for his or her company. He wants them to feel like they are going to have the greatest day, and they are going to enjoy every single second of their day at work. As a matter of fact, it won’t even feel like work. It will be something they truly enjoy doing and something that brings out the best in them. They have a lot to give and a lot to offer, and Bob Reina thinks it would be truly disappointing for them if it were never shown to the world. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has the video tools to make sure it is shown to the world and people are made aware of their company. Their video newsletters are incredibly popular. It is a way to say what they want to say to as many people as possible in a way that is fun, outside the box, and different. They get to know the person and they find out what they stand for and what matters to them. After all, when someone has that excitement in their voice, it is infectious to others.

Stream Energy Patch is a direct-selling energy company, and it’s foundation, Stream Cares are making even more local news by their students helping the needy. The Patch community comes up with some of the best content, regarding being contributors to the community. Stream Energy Patch has a blogging platform that allow its users to write about their book that they have written, or give their review on a restaurant they have visited, an event they are getting ready to attend, or talk about their favorite activities they like to engage in.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, the Stream Cares Foundation were there to be of assistance to Houston’s residents and were also able to help those in Dallas as well utilizing supply organizations for the people in Texas. Within the city of Houston, a lot of their residents lost homes, companies, pets, and even their lives, fortunately Stream Energy were able to lend a helping hand with their foundation.

Stream Energy has been able to use the funds that they have accumulated from its energy sales, to be one of the first that were able to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief, at the same time were also able to help its customers financially with their corporate philanthropy. It’s part of their nature to step in and be of assistance throughout the state of Texas, and all across the United States, for than 12 years.

The whole mission at Stream Energy is to build their brand on giving to the community more than just money, but also supplies that are not accessible at the time of a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey. In Dallas a lot of their companies are following the example of Stream Energy, and are setting the stage for donating within their communities, which in-turn is having a major impact on who they are, and how caring they can be when it comes to taking part in charity.,-TX-jobs.html