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Cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, is one of the most exciting industries on earth. This industry is also very demanding, which is why plastic surgeons have to be thoroughly trained. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is very high-profile in the city of Dallas, and he has built a resume of success. This phenomenal man is also very sought-after because he provides top-tier results. Most plastic surgeons can cover a wide array of cosmetic services. Dr. Jejurikar is no exception as he has the knowledge to provide an abundance of cosmetic services. This guy has up to 21 years of experience in the game, and he has attained his medical doctorate from the University of Michigan.

If you know anything about the extensive schooling of this particular industry, then you would know that the University of Michigan Medical School is a top 25 facility that pertains to this subject. So, what kind of cosmetic procedures does this doctor perform? The answer to this question is fairly simple. Dr. Jejurikar can repair or replace bone, tissue or skin. This translates into facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, Botox, minimally invasive hair transplants and many other cosmetic procedures. You are reading about one of the most knowledgeable figures in plastic surgery.

On the other hand, this phenomenal doctor uses some of the most technologically advanced components to get the job done more efficiently. Thanks to the innovative Real 3-D Imaging technology, patients will get to see what they could potentially look like after surgery is complete. Since cosmetic surgery is all about exterior looks, Dr. Jejurikar has introduced his own skincare line. This particular skincare line uses medical-grade ingredients to address dark circles, poor skin elasticity and fine lines. Of course, this only scratches the surface to what this man can do in this field, but Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is simply setting new standards in plastic surgery.


Robert Ivy was recently given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. He was given this award because it is his home state. This is the place where he learned all about art and literature, and he was humbled to be given an award that spoke to his history so deeply.

What Has Robert Done?

Robert Ivy is a prolific architect who spent many years working in and around Mississippi. He is one of the great architects of his generation, and he was in the same class as people like I.M Pei. However, he also focused on writing and education as part of his push to make architecture a much better field for young people to enter.

Robert’s Writing

Robert was the leader of a team that put together the Architectural Record for McGraw Hill, and he also worked on Mandarin versions of architecture books in his work in Asia. He wants to expand the reach of architecture to as many parts of the world as possible, and he continues to write to this day on the topics in the field that interest him most.

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The Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy was honored in a ceremony in Jackson, Mississippi with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. He noted at the time that he was very humbled by the award, and he was proud to have been given this award by people whom he respects. The Noel Polk Award is one that he holds close to his heart, and it spurs him on to do more great work in his field.


Robert Ivy is currently the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. He has been working for many years on making their membership larger, and he wants to reach out to other people around the world who might be interested in studying in America.


The CEO of AIA deserves his lifetime achievement award for all the things that he has done to make his field much better. His breadth of work and accomplishment speaks for itself.


Canvassing is ultimately one of the most persuasive aspects of a campaign, with the ability to build a voter base off conversations. Voters see a huge difference when they have a face to face conversation with someone who cares about the same issues as they do, and will go to the polls for a candidate. Building the foundation of the campaign requires using canvassing to build enthusiasm and momentum up to the elections.

NPG VAN is a new software technology that allows campaign managers to use an automated process to canvass, therefore being more effective. They go over their tips for using the program and apps to create a good campaign.

  • Ensure quality over quantity by making sure voters are being engaged in a smart and thoughtful way. High quality conversations with voters where their concerns are addressed and they’re informed are more important than simply getting volunteers to go knock on doors.


  • Create smart scripts that encourage conversation and individualization. Use NGP Van to create branched scripts that guide canvassers to better conversations.


  • Automate everything with NPG Van and get real time updates of what volunteers are recording at the doors.


  • Train volunteers to prioritize honesty with data and role play potential conversations with voters.


  • Send your Candidate out to canvass if possible. Distribute canvassing wisely between volunteers and send people to areas they’re comfortable with


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NPG VAN is very progressive and is looking to spread their influence to everyone, the “Resistance”, LGBTQ, and women voters. The Social Advocacy tool allows people to more easily pressure political figures on social media platforms. The company has included non-binary gender options and is a advocate for gay rights. The women of the company also advocate for women’s rights and participated in A Day Without Women in March. NPG VAN is progressively working towards a voting public.

Fortress Investment Group, one of the world’s largest asset managers, set the trend for private equity firms globally when it went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007. One of the firm’s core areas of expertise and focus is asset-based investments, where the firm works with investors to facilitate long-term investment returns. The group enables investors to diversify their assets in areas that include real estate, hedge funds, private equity, in addition to permanent or long-term financial vehicles.

With the belief that investment is a long term partnership, this firm manages more than $43 billion worth of assets worldwide, on behalf of close to 1800 clients worldwide. The widely diverse Fortress Investment Group also owns the Brightline train system. As the only privately owned passenger train system in the U.S., the vision of Brightline is to enable commuters to avoid congestion on the road, moving them fast and comfortably over distances that may be too close to fly, but also too far to drive.

Besides this, Fortress Investment Group is also looking to provide corporations with effective financing opportunities as it expands into corporate lending. As part of their expertise, Fortress Investment continually secures financing efficiently, by means of debt and equity markets. Their strategy is to invest private equity into innovative financial vehicles, and this has led to the firm earning the moniker of an alternative assets investment firm.

Another of this investment group’s areas of expertise is in acquisitions and mergers. With more than 20 years of experience, Fortress Investment Group manages company mergers and acquisitions with skill and finesse. They endeavor to understand and establish relationships with the companies’ board members, management, and stakeholders. These relationships help to better understand the companies, which in turn helps to facilitate more seamless mergers and acquisitions.

The company has grown steadily and energetically, experiencing a growth of close to 40 percent in private equity funds over the seven years between 1999 and 2006. After its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2007, Fortress Investment Group has continued to grow exponentially, subsequently increasing its diverse investment vehicles and expanding into Italy and Asia.

By joining forces with the Japanese multinational SoftBank in 2017, Fortress is in a better position to effectively offer direct lending as well as fostering closer business relationships in Asia.

Jacob Gottlieb grew up with a pediatrician for a mother and an economics professor for a father. As a result, he developed interests in economics and medicine. He went to Brown University and got a degree in economics and then got a Doctor of Medicine in NYU Medical School.

Jacob went on to found a large healthcare hedge fund. This fund was valued at over 8 billion dollars. Unfortunately, this company was investigated for reports of insider trading. Jacob was determined to be not liable and was able to maintain his position on the Executive board. Other members of the executive board have left, however. He remains the only original member of the board following this investigation. Visium Asset Management, his company, has been reported to reduce its business operations in wake of this financial situation.

Other members of the board have now left and are pursuing other industries. Joshua Brown was a portfolio manager for Visium. Portfolio managers manage groups of investments by researching markets, meeting with businessmen and relocating funds on a daily basis. He has left Visium and has become the Senior Vice President of Paulson & Co. He graduated with a degree in finance and now helps to manage a 9 billion hedge fund under control of Paulson & Co.

Ron Belldegrun has opted to start his own business. He has founded Consumer Health Ventures with his father. This fund has over 1 billion dollars in financial investments. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a unique major of Biological Basis of Behavior. He also got a minor in Healthcare Management.

Visuim is shutting down its operations while Jacob continues to oversee the business as the CIO. 3 Visium employees were charged with insider trading indictments. 1 of the people who have been charged has committed suicide over this tragic occurrence. People close to Sanjay Valvani, the man who ended his life, considered it a shock that he would do such a thing. The company has been dealt a giant blow and it slowly terminating its services.


Political campaigns are solely run off of the latest technology nowadays. There is only one company that stands out from the rest. NGP VAN is the go to software for political campaigns, especially for progressive candidates. This software provider aids campaigns in juggling the hectic demands of running a campaign. This software is also used by non profits and organizations.The software enables it users to manage all the canvassing needs that go into running a campaign like collecting funds from donors, planning events, digital needs and collecting voter information.

NGP VAN is behind some of the biggest and most successful campaigns. This software company actually was behind President Obama’s canvassing efforts. Their technology platforms compares to no other in the industry. Campaign volunteers are able to increase voter turnout by the features the software platform has. An increase in voter turnout increases the change of a particular candidate winning in office. Spreading the message behind a campaign can be done much easier with this technology platform. This platform allows for political campaigns to spread diverse messages that appeal to the American people. Candidates running for office can voice their views about climate change, education, reproductive rights and other social issues through the use of this software. For that matter, that is why so many progressive candidates are attracted to using this software.

Recently, NGP VAN added a new feature to its platform. This new feature makes the software even more competitive than the other platforms available. Progressive leaders can now use the software’s non binary gender features. Indivduals that are in the LGBTQ community can now be associated with pronouns that fit their preference. Previously, the pronouns the software offered were the traditional binary pronouns. This feature allows for progressives to better interact with the nearly ten million members of the LGBTQ community. As America becomes more inclusive, NGP VAN is ready to make sure progressives are moving forward with the time. Contact information now is more suitable to how people want to be referred to. This is more welcoming and accepting. Progressive candidates are enjoying this feature.


Money issues can be extremely sensitive. That said, everyone has their view on money and how to handle it. Perhaps the common ground comes in when a wealth advisor is mentioned because with a wealth advisor, every aspect of handling money change into an adventurous journey coupled with a tremendous input to benefit everyone seeking advice. Located in Los Angeles with clients around the country, HCR Wealth Advisors deals with wealth management and is dedicated to offering clients with financial, as well as investment strategies. The primary focus of this firm is creating strong relationships with every client and designing a robust business plan coupled with tangible objectives to help clients fulfill their life’s goals. To achieve this, HCR Wealth Advisors prioritizes its clients.

In an article published at Daily Forex Report, it says that you have heard of the adage that clients come first. But in a world filled with emerging business professionals who aspire to mint profits from all sources of income, clients have once in a while been neglected. This is what HCR Wealth Advisors has been trying to eliminate since its inception. For this company, clients come first. Instead of generating profits from the sales of certain financial products, the independent firm offers client-centric services to cater to the needs of clients.

It all begins with caring for a client, and at HCR Wealth Advisors this care travels down to the fees it charges its clients. In regard to this fee, the company charges a small percentage of assets, which can be compared to different industry competitors. Moreover, this charge is usually administered transparently. Since HCR Wealth Advisors considers transparency to be an essential aspect in dealing with clients, it has become vital for the company to share what it does with its clients. That way, the company has managed to build a healthy relationship with clients.

According to, it is critical to note that this company is not an asset manager. On the contrary, it is a wealth advisor. Generally, asset managers often over-promise returns and performance then later on under deliver. On the other side, a wealth advisor approaches a client with the intention of understanding their situation and creating a rewarding relationship with them.

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Clayton Hutson is an entertainment production manager who has made his name in the music industry by being conscientious and creative. He started his own business during the recession, a mark of a true visionary and risk-taker.

Hutson is from Nashville, Tennessee. He has a B.A. from Central Michigan University in theater design and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has worked on the live tours of Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns ‘n Roses.

Hutson has outlined his basic approach to his work in several interviews. Many in the industry see him as having a unique view of the elements of a successful business.

Hutson is an indefatigable worker who plans every task of his day and triple checks everything that he does to ensure that all aspects of a job are fine-tuned and then fine-tuned again. He has been described by more than one person as “the hardest working man in the room.”

The first part of his work day is to imagine the look, the sounds, and the lighting of the set. He believes that this imagery process gives him a stronger sense of the day’s goals.

Clayton likes to surround himself with folks who have a passion for their work. He values a strong work ethic over social skills and welcomes people who show some assertiveness. He is willing to tolerate abrasive people who show passion and a strong work ethic. He listens to his clients and collaborates with everyone involved in the project because he believes the talents and voices of all are needed to achieve greatness.

Mr. Hutson believes that his industry now strives to create drama on the stage and his goal is to produce an extravaganza for the audience. He pays attention to every detail of the creative work.

Clayton has learned these principles through years of work experiences and has become a highly respected and sought-after producer whom clients know will bring 100% of who he is to every project, assuring excellent productions.

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Vinod Gupta has been both a businessman and a political activist who was at one time the US Consul General to Bermuda. His knowledge of what it took to work with the state department was something he had gained from having lived in other places around the world including India where he was born, and understanding different cultures. Gupta has donated to scholarships and help start new schools both in the US and abroad with his generosity. Having been able to come to the US and use his business and science knowledge to become a millionaire over time, his hope is that his scholarships will afford others the same.

Vinod Gupta had only $58 in his pocket when he first came to the US, a journey that his family helped him undertake by borrowing money for his plane ticket. He had grown up in a remote village with no running water or power, but he had studied hard and gotten outstanding grades in school and after completing a bachelor’s degree was now heading to graduate school. Gupta completed grad school at the University of Nebraska, and he found his entrepreneur angle while working for mobile home manufacturer Commodore Corporation. What he did was figure out a way to compile business contact information out of yellow pages and turn it into a fully-organized database.

Vinod Gupta had been able to procure the rights to sell his list of mobile home dealers to other competitors which is how he got his company started, but soon he moved into many other business fields and was bringing in millions of dollars. Eventually he bought up several market research and data analytics firms and his company now had computer database information. Gupta owned the company known as InfoUSA until 2010 when it was sold. But he is still buying other data analytics firms through his current investment company, the Everest Group.

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Herman is the owner of Herman Law firm, one of the leading law firms in the country. Over the years, he has worked with many clients and has helped them get justice. He is best known for exposing the sexual abuse being done at the Archdiocese of Miami. He was not only able to get the victim relief but also won $100 million for them. He has represented many clients who have been victims of sexual abuse. He believes that in today’s age, it has become essential for parents to talk to kids about predators and help them be safe. Since parents cannot always be there for them, they need to ensure that their kids know what they should avoid.

Jeff Herman regularly conducts workshops where he talks to parents and discusses the things that they should do to keep their kids safe from sexual predators online and offline. Children are vulnerable, and it is the reason why predators can manipulate them easily. He suggests that kids should know about their body and know the boundaries when it comes to touching. They should know the parts that are private and what sorts of actions are not acceptable. It is best that the parents keep the conversation age-appropriate so that children are not overwhelmed with information. Jeff Herman suggests that parents should teach their kids to say no and not talk or be around people who they are not comfortable with.

Jeff Herman believes that preventing abuse is not a one-time conversation and parents should have an open-line communication with their child. They should be involved in their lives and talk to them about their day more often. Even then, it is essential that parents know how to recognize the signs of abuse since most children won’t talk about it. It is also a good idea to have access to your child’s online accounts and check it once in a while to ensure that there is nothing wrong. It is essential to spend time with your children and develop a trusting relationship with them so that they are not ashamed to share anything with you.

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