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I have always found it interesting the way people can incorporate different aspects of their talents and passions into their practice. Todd Levine is a Miami-based litigator who combines his love for art and music into his law practice. Elle Woods won her case in Legally Blonde because she understood how to use her knowledge of fashion and hair towards her advantage. Levine uses his creativity to develop his unique strategy.

Multifaceted attorney, Todd Levine, is an industrious man who handles his cases with fastidious care. Committed to righting wrongs, Levine ensures that his clients are compensated for their mistreatment and strives to absolve them of all alleged transgressions. A founding member of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine litigation firm, Levine is exceptionally fond of his colleagues. In fact, he ascribes the company’s enduring success to the strong rapport they have with one another. Though together they’re a fount of knowledge, their efforts are solely centered around family law and litigation.


Armed with nearly a decade of industry experience, Levine and his associates have a keen understanding of their field. Though initially an intimate group of 17 attorneys, their firm has doubled in size which bespeaks the company’s ongoing triumphs. Some cases for which they’re prominently known include Alex Rodriguez’s divorce case, Edie Lauger’s real estate trial, and Orlando Lopez’s property dispute. Doing what they do best, the Kluger team successfully won each case, making their reputation as a notable agency irrefutable. While Levine’s experienced numerous triumphs alongside his valued partners, his most outstanding feat was achieved solo.


While in the throes of a painstaking case, Levine was presented with some damning evidence. When given the documents, Levine’s opposers were hellbent on discrediting him. Upon employing his profound wisdom, Levine immediately recognized a “particular aspect of the document” that rendered his adversaries efforts ineffectual. As a result, Levine’s client walked away scot-free while the mediator was left in utter incredulity. The mediator was wholly impressed by Levine’s ability to discern a game-changing element so quickly that she continues to tout Levine as a man of many merits. Levine attributes his acute perceptions to his partiality for math, science, art, and music





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There is nothing more surprising than finding out that a loved one has cancer than finding out how little is known about cancer. One would think the puzzle should be coagulating into a cohesive understanding of various moving components, yet that is not quite the case. The more people that are diagnosed, the more one would think we are on the brink of knowing so much more, but that has not actually come to pass either. Many people think that medical money is keeping a cure away, but if a “cure” was to be found, then wealthy people should be able to ostensibly buy their way out of a cancer diagnosis, but they, too, are dying in large numbers from cancer.

All of that said, at times something very, very good can come out of something very, very bad and in the case of Eric Lefkosky, this is very much the case. Most unfortunately, Mr. Lefkosky’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, he was dumbfounded when he realized how little data there was, publicly available, to providing more information on cancer. Mr. Lefkosky already had co-founded the hugely successful Groupon, in addition to being involved with a number of other companies, so this lack of available information on cancer galvanized him to start Tempus.

The entire focus of Tempus is to take what is already known about cancer, create an algorithm, then rest on the power of machines to create information on the sequencing of genomes in a patient’s tumor. Cancer cells are just cells that have run amok. They are repeatedly reproducing until they get large enough to become tumors, and the pattern just continues. Taking a look at how they get involved with such a frenetic overgrowth process is key to understanding how to stop them. History might tell us that the efforts of Eric Lefkosky led to key understandings of how cancer cells grow and reproduce.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani origins stem from Emirati where he was born in the early 1950s. He attended the University of Washington in the United States after obtaining a scholarship that saw him earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. After completing his education, Hussain Sajwani was employed as a manager at the GASCO industries in Abu Dhabi in 1981 before venturing into entrepreneurship after two years of employment.

According to, Hussain Sajwani’s first business was on a food venture that was known as the Global Logistics Services where his main customers were from the U.S. military. Under Sajwani’s leadership, it has remained operational to date and manages over 200 projects while serving more than 150,000 meals in the CIS, Middle East, and in Africa. Also, as a business-oriented person, Hussain Sajwani decided to venture into the real estate sector by establishing the DAMAC Properties in 2002.

About Hussain Sajwani’s Real Estate Business

The DAMAC Properties prides itself as one of the leading real estate development companies in the Middle East. As a top property company, DAMAC has so far constructed over 19,000 apartments and 21,700 homes besides having more than 44,000 units of housing developments. Its portfolio includes the upscale resorts and the Paramount Hotels, the perfect apartments with Italian finishes Versace Home and Fendi Casa, and a golf course sketched out by Tiger Woods.

Furthermore, DAMAC Properties is publicly -listed in the Dubai Financial Market and has around 2000 employees. The company also has projects across its borders where the main areas that it has developed property include London, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut among many more. Equally important, the key driver for Hussain Sajwani’s success has been his expertise in many of the parameters such as marketing, finance, and administration issues. This has further seen him getting recognized as the Emirati billionaire and the fourth richest Arab according to Forbes, 2018.

About DAMAC’s CSR Projects

The DAMAC Properties values the act of giving back to the community as Hussain Sajwani directs the company towards philanthropic activities. The company supports various organizations where some include Dubai Cares, Red Crescent, and Dar Al Ber Society. Additionally, through Hussain Sajwani’s initiative, the DAMAC Foundation has gone ahead to start the “One Million Arab Coders Initiative” where the company seeks to support education in coding as part of their CSR activity.

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Herbalife Nutrition is a worldwide nutrition company. It purposes in making the world happier and of good health. As from 1980 since its conception, the firm has made nutrition its top mission. Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors aid the company in providing solutions to over 90 countries. They address global problems of poor nutrition and obesity, the surge in public health care charges and aging population.


The nutrition company produces products on nutrition, energy and fitness, weight management and personal care. Herbalife Nutrition supports the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and Casa Herbalife Programs to aid in conveying good nutrition to needy children. They sponsor over 190 top-notch athletes, teams and occasions across the globe. In 2016, the firm traded on the New York Stock Exchange with estimated net sales of $4.5 billion.


The company was proud to announce its sponsorship program, with Jonathan dos Santos, a member of the Mexican National Team and LA Galaxy midfielder being the beneficiary.


and Mexican National Team member, Jonathan dos Santos. Rich Goudis, CEO of the company said that; they were delighted to be dos Santos’ sports performance nutrition partner. The player’s dedication to nutrition, fitness and the society is the quintessence of their purpose.


Dos Santos is a Mexican native who joined FC Barcelona’s academy at a young age with his brother. Jonathan and Giovani, his brother, made their way up into Barcelona’s first team. In 2014, he joined Villarreal CF and made a name for himself as one of the best consistent midfielders of the Spanish league. In 2017, he was reunited with Giovani as one of the three Designated Players of the LA Galaxy.


The player got acquainted with Herbalife products in the LA Galaxy players’ lounge. He makes use of Herbalife24R Rebuild Strength to begin his morning and post-practice. Lately, in conjunction with Herbalife Nutrition team, he developed a video of his all-time shake recipe which he calls “Banana Sunrise.” He is excited to work with the nutrition company to develop a modified plan that will help him achieve the right nutrition and hydration.


Being the sports performance partner, the LA Galaxy player gets access to Herbalife line of sports products to fuel him in order to enhance performance on the field. The sponsorship involves Jonathan supporting joint community partnership initiatives, education on sports nutrition and firms marketing initiatives.

In recent years, bottled water has seen a rise in production all over the world. The business, in general, has been estimated to be over $100 billion across all the continents with Spain being the primary consumer of the product. Years ago, this business didn’t seem to be profitable to an ordinary person. The idea of having such a thing as something essential was even laughable then. As years progressed, the idea came to life and grew to become a booming business for many companies. Selling such a similar product, however, can be too dull. The water bottling companies have therefore resorted to making their products unique for them to stand out from the rest. Changing the bottles doesn’t quite do it for the consumers, so they have started adding vitamins to their drinks to attract more customers.

The company’s name is derived from the Hawaiian language since the drink is bottled in the country. The name means broad waters. Waiakea Water differs from the rest by the way that it has been filtered. Since the company’s foundation in 2012, Waiakea Water has been bottling volcanic water. The water is filtered when it’s run through a porous volcanic rock that is 14,000 feet in length. This rock is located in Mauna Loa Volcano. The Waiakea Water pH is 8.8.

Apart from the Hawaiian volcanic water, Waiakea Water stands out from the rest of the bottling companies by the bottles they use. As of 2018, Waiakea Water should be using biodegradable bottles. This tops up the care the company has been giving the environment. They’ve been Carbon Neutral certified as they use low emission vehicles for their delivery. They also offer 3% of their revenue for programs by the local community and nonprofit organizations in addition to supplying water to people in need in Malawi every week.

Waiakea Water’s concern for the environment has seen them receive most rewards of the best water bottling company especially for their innovations in the business. The recognition by institutions and the people have seen Waiakea Water grow by 4200% in the last three years. The company has outlets in over 30 states in the US with over 14 distributors.

It is indeed true that the vision and determination of one man can affect the lives of millions. In the year 2012, Greame Holm and Rebecca Walker founded the Infinity Group and shared the same vision of making the lives of Australians a little easier. Most of the families are affected by the poor traditional structure of financial institutions.





Holm started his career at Westpac as a Home finance manager in the year 2001. Infinity Group is a boon to the people of Australia as it has helped innumerable families reduce their loans, managing personal finances better and wealth generation including retirement solutions. What makes this Group unique is their approach. They dig deep into the client’s financial history to collect data for better assessment of the situation. They send out a detailed monthly report assessing the performance of the client and states whether further adjustments in the budget are required to stay aligned with the future goals.





Australian Financial Review (AFR), published by Fairfax Media, is the leading newspaper in Australia. With 50 years of presence, it has a good influence on news related to business, finance, and investment. The newspaper is a product of independent and excellent journalism along with honest reviews, is an essential read for the financial and investment community in Australia. It is for the seventh year in a row that AFR published its list Most Innovative Companies across Australia and New Zealand.





Infinity Group Australia was ranked 58th on the list published by AFR in 2018, thus reaching the top 5.8% of all the other nominations. The ranking was done based on the approach to their problem, the effectiveness, and uniqueness of the solution and its efficiency in the real world. It also takes into consideration a detailed information regarding the resources, business strategies and the how they prioritize innovation.





Initially, Holm along with Walker researched on the financial institutions looking out for parameters that needed an immediate upgrade. Out of the many factors observed, a few stood out. Customer support is the topmost priority according to Holm. He believes in developing a relationship with the client based on trust, love, and understanding is the first step to reduce the problem for the Australian population. The Group allocates a personal banker rather a financial coach to assess the client’s situation and help them with finances. Financial Coaches guide you to your financial goal by giving valuable advice and services for families.



Holm’s vision of helping the families who need financial advice is now a reality. One of their proudest achievements is reducing $97,000 as a part of debt reduction for a young couple this year. The company earnings are mostly from the 10% they take from your yearly debt reduction of the clients. Infinity Group Australia reviews show that how committed it is to customer satisfaction. Learn more:

Aging is a natural process that occurs to every human being. No matter who you are, aging is mandatory. Aging comes with its challenges. Health deteriorates, and it becomes almost impossible to do the things we used to do while we were young. Old age diseases is another challenge that comes along with aging. Due to the weakness of the body, it becomes susceptible to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes among others. These are diseases that normally to do not affect young people. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Is there a solution for aging?

There is no solution yet to the aging. It is a process that we have to accept. However, efforts are being undertaken to have a solution in the quickest time possible. An anti-aging drug is a solution that will eliminate all the challenges that come with aging. Old age diseases can be done away with by developing a drug that will reverse the effects of aging.

An anti-aging drug will rebuild body tissues and cells which have been destroyed by the aging causing substance. The good thing about an anti-aging drug is that it addresses the core cause of diseases. It does not deal with prevention as many of the drugs we have today. Addressing the root-cause of aging is the best solution.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who is leading research on an anti-aging drug. The Arizona based entrepreneur is interested in an anti-aging drug because it will alleviate some key health problems that humans face. It is a drug that will change the whole approach to treatment. There will definitely be great benefits that will be achieved by an anti-aging drug.


Jason Hope is not a scientist or biotechnology expert. His work is to support the initiative which was established by a non-profit organization based in Cambridge known as the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope has given this organization $500,000 to build labs and engage in research work.

Education and Business

Jason Hope holds an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University. He once owned a mobile technology company which he later sold for a hefty price.

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Southridge Capital, the Connecticut-based private equity firm is a major player in the commercial advisory space. The experienced team counsels board, management and founding members through the hurdles of corporate issues; from becoming a public company to managing accounting and optimizing balance sheet flow. Having successfully financed over 300 public and private companies gives Southridge an evolved understanding of problems that can plague operations, from senior management down to non executive levels within a firm.


Having that much business under their belt gives them a unique vantage point. This bird’s eye view approach allows the team to get a full scope of business performance. Southridge Capital creates detailed financial projects based on business operations, helps restructure corporate debt, performs preliminary due diligence on possible acquisition targets, and consults on bankruptcy and other legal settlement proceedings. The structured finance arm of the firm has directly invested, since 1996, over $1.7b in growth companies internationally. Financial products include direct liquidation through convertible referred notes, debt to equity swaps and debt purchasing transactions. They also specialize in upscale, executive grade private meeting offices for busy professionals. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Stephen M. Hicks, founder and CEO of Southridge Capital does less deals, and instead focuses on cash instead of return. The firm owes it longevity to this method of leadership. Since its inception, Mr. Hicks has lead the overall strategic direction, and oversaw successful development and execution. After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and earning an MBA from Fordham University, Hicks would go on to further pursuit a career in finance. Upon years of dealing in financial restructuring, investment banking, and risk arbitrage, he set out to form his own investment procurement services. The idea for Southridge came about while Hicks worked out of a small NY hedge fund. He is a crypto advocate and tjinks the industry is ripe for explosive growth. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Robert Ivy will be celebrated and dignified by being awarded the Noel Polk Achievement Award. Other previous recipients of this award include actor Morgan Freeman and writer Shelby Foote. He will be privileged to receive the award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. His previous recognitions include designation Master Architect and Dean’s Medal. He currently works for the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer and executive vice president.

This is the first time an architect has received the Noel Polk Achievement Award, which acknowledges Mississippi related artists and their extraordinary work through their creativity and performance. Nancy Laforge, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters president recognized that Robert Ivy makes architecture approachable and obtainable to the public in general. She further stated that worthy to be listed in the Noel Polk Awards due to his work as an author, analyst, and writer in the world of architecture. She adds that it is an honor to have the opportunity to give him praise for his outstanding work. Learn more about Robert Ivy on Steel Institue of New York.

Robert Ivy has been working at American Institute of Architects since 2011, serving as an editor. Carl Elefante, the American Institute of Architects president says that as a practicing architect, author, and editor, this gives him a lot of credit for being the ambassador for his profession. This achievement is impeccable for him personally, as a Mississippi native and in this professional career. Since his incumbency back in 2011, he has amplified the global position of the organization and impact to the world today. This has boosted the membership level rapidly in its golden history, 160-year -old, which he will be acknowledged for.

Robert Ivy will officially accept the Noel Port award in 2nd June together with the stained glass designer Andrew Cary Young at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters event.



Cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, is one of the most exciting industries on earth. This industry is also very demanding, which is why plastic surgeons have to be thoroughly trained. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is very high-profile in the city of Dallas, and he has built a resume of success. This phenomenal man is also very sought-after because he provides top-tier results. Most plastic surgeons can cover a wide array of cosmetic services. Dr. Jejurikar is no exception as he has the knowledge to provide an abundance of cosmetic services. This guy has up to 21 years of experience in the game, and he has attained his medical doctorate from the University of Michigan.

If you know anything about the extensive schooling of this particular industry, then you would know that the University of Michigan Medical School is a top 25 facility that pertains to this subject. So, what kind of cosmetic procedures does this doctor perform? The answer to this question is fairly simple. Dr. Jejurikar can repair or replace bone, tissue or skin. This translates into facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, Botox, minimally invasive hair transplants and many other cosmetic procedures. You are reading about one of the most knowledgeable figures in plastic surgery.

On the other hand, this phenomenal doctor uses some of the most technologically advanced components to get the job done more efficiently. Thanks to the innovative Real 3-D Imaging technology, patients will get to see what they could potentially look like after surgery is complete. Since cosmetic surgery is all about exterior looks, Dr. Jejurikar has introduced his own skincare line. This particular skincare line uses medical-grade ingredients to address dark circles, poor skin elasticity and fine lines. Of course, this only scratches the surface to what this man can do in this field, but Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is simply setting new standards in plastic surgery.


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