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Jose Borghi is a native of Brazil from Presidente Prudente. He has become an influential figure in the Brazilian advertising sector. He is able to come up with creative and unforgettable events that are customized to meet the client’s unique needs. Initially, he did not intend to join the world of advertising. However, an invite from his sister changed all that. He was attracted to the commercial ad displays he saw in the big city and it sparked a desire in him to join that world.

The journey of His Professional Career

After he successfully attained his academic papers from the PUC-Campinas, he had great ideas but not resources to actualize them. However, he still managed to get a job at an ad agency as the editor. He moved on to other agencies where he continued to hone his skills in advertising. While working at an ad agency, he formed a professional relationship with Erh Ra. They, later on, founded an ad agency called BorghiErh.

The Challenges they faced

When Jose and Erh formed their ad agency, they had no financial backers but their desire to succeed saw them through. In 2006, their perseverance paid off when Lowe offered to from a new ad agency with them called Borghi Lowe. Borghi saw it fit to split the presidency with himself and Erh so that the benefit could benefit from diverse perspectives of leadership.

The Formation of Mullen Lowe

The company recently agreed to partner with Mullen Group and Lowe agency to enlarge the reach of its ad services. The company eventually changed its name to Mullen Lowe. The CEOS of this agency are Andre Gomes and José Henrique Borghi. Jose knows that success is not given. Over the years, he has worked hard to get to where he is. His efforts have not gone unnoticed and he has been awarded numerous times.

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Andrea McWilliams is not your ordinary political consultant. She provides political insights, widely-touted, within political circles. She places her focus on the project at hand, and never ceases to lose point of the objective. She is a different type of political activist and crusader, which is encouragingly “a good thing–a very good thing.”

When Andrea makes an appearance, it is important for everyone to listen: it goes without saying–Andrea educates and Andrea listens. Not every political consultant listens: however, Andrea “listens.” Another “good thing.” In fact, it is difficult, in the way of consultancy, to not think positive thoughts about Andrea.

She has provided an abundance of leadership in the community; and won the respect of her co-peers. The text which follows, provides the reader, with further details about Andrea, and her unique and preferential political style:

Andrea McWilliams has made her presence known within the National Media. She has been commented upon, on FOX News, within the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ and has been a subject in ‘Newsweek’, and ‘USA Today’.

She has allowed commentary, about her activism, on stations such as CNN, the BBC, and NPR. The stations mentioned: have all provided reports about Andrea McWilliams’ exceptional fundraising capabilities. The media is also intrigued by her political strategies. Andrea, as well, is considered a national commentator.

Ms. McWilliams has been profiled by the “Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce”. The organization considers, McWilliams the “consigliere to the Powerful and the Political.”

Andrea works diligently–promoting the best interests of her client-base. She is convincing and thoughtful: all rolled into one. It is McWilliams’s style that earns her continual praise from media professionals and clients, alike


Andrea McWilliams

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Andrea McWilliams:  Professional Adviser and Fundraiser–Extraordinaire: 

The community of Austin Texas has been “blessed” with an extra-ordinary businesswoman: Andrea McWilliams. Andrea is thoughtful, however, she renders powerful advice, to her very influential client-base. McWilliams’ is a Political Strategist. Her success, as a political fundraiser is outstanding–exceptional, in fact. She understands the issues: and advises, accordingly.

Andrea, throughout, her successful career has been provided with many awards, within the Austin business community. She is a well-recognized political consultant, and Austin Business-woman. The ‘Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce’ recognized McWilliams’s contributions–with regard to business–within the Austin community. Andrea has also been praised by other influential Austin businesses and organizations. The ‘Girl Scouts’ organization, also, recognized Ms. McWilliams.

Andrea is not only been well-revered within her own backyard: she has been positively reported within the National Media. In example, very proper and distinguished publications, such as ‘The Wall Street Journal’, and ‘Newsweek’ have reported on McWilliams proficiency, as a fundraiser, as well as other encouraging political traits. FOX News, and other news reporting agencies, too, have taken notice of McWilliams’s political style.

McWilliams has been widely-touted as a person with a great deal of advisory skill as it applies to consulting. She provides political strategy to her politically influential clientele. She is also an exceptional lobbyist. To say the least: McWilliams reputation precedes her–and in a good way–a very good way.

When Andrea McWilliams “steps into a room,” everyone who is anyone knows her advisory capacity is unrivaled, within the political arena. Andrea is someone that can change the game for the client: complete with very positive overtones.


Julie Zuckerberg is amazingly accomplished for her store of highly proficient career composure and unsurpassed managerial wisdom. Ms. Zuckerberg has managed esteem with her reputation as Ruling Staff Scout, throughout the time that she endeavored at the trendy business operation, Hudson Global enterprises. This earth-shattering status was actualized during the time Julie was still at her first company in 2002. For five years running, Julie contributed to the operation an unimaginable volume of adept, smart inductees and Lori educated a large assortment of new trainees through a collection of significant deeds, during the extent of Julie’s performance at the esteemed Hudson Global.


Julie is a praiseworthy industry initiate, when compared to the country’s honored, preeminent decision-makers in the trade, Ms. Zuckerberg has made her mark as the boss of the Personnel Acquisition branch. Julie has demonstrated her validity by governing the leadership for the projects that are needed from her during her appointment to Deutsche Bank. Ms. Zuckerberg has invented an exalted employment from the profundity of her immense competence and her versatile inventiveness. Julie is also robustly appreciated for her singular gifts which are inimitable. She has operated in cooperation next to lauded commanders in the executive stage in addition to the personal speculation stage of enterprising relations, aside from the function of being a personnel director. Ms. Zuckerberg is abnormally active with diplomatic communication. Her devastating compilation of policy-making artistry is periodically perceived as being optimal for importing in a clearly deft system of agents, and her procedures for enlisting new agents are nonpareil for discovering a staunch and courteous staffing armada. Consistently, Julie Zuckerberg has lead in a monumental measure of superlative and zealous operators, supporting the forward momentum of the business project with her gathering of deft representatives.


Ms. Zuckerberg has perception of limitless amounts from her appointment at Deutsche Bank, and that is where she was promoted to Vice President. In the course of Julie’s involvement with this affair, her mastery was reinforced by making exceptional unions with a large abundance of private trade contacts, to setup a surprising treasury of sublime agents. Julie Zuckerberg further won advancement from her service as Prime Agent Pioneer, which brought her to grow into the Staff Procurement Supervisor. Julie has also made indispensable partnerships with pivotal industry colleagues to develop the recruitment approaches for discovering a prodigious set of agents. This is relevant to fulfill urgent and highly preferred posts in the trade, such as Local Custodian, U.S. Consent Association, and Investor Securicor, plus extra, yet very demanding posts.



This routine introduction of adept artisans was important for taking care of available posts. When she deserted Hudson, she adapted her competence to advising Citi Global, a safe user investment firm. From beginning to end, Julie Zuckerberg augmented her worth with a promotion to Main Supervisory Agent. This prestige awarded her the influence to deploy state-of-the-art processes for placing representatives by applying international networks over cyberspace and social media to select the right corporate representatives.



The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre was established in 1984. The LA Kabbalah Centre moved to the city that year from New York City, where it was established in 1965. The New York City, and then Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre organizations, were outgrowths of a Kabbalah Centre study institute that existed in the Middle East since 1925, in the area that eventually became the State of Israel.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that there exists a connection between the teachings of the Kabbalah and other religions. Kabbalist teachings hold that all spiritual and religious belief systems are really just different branches of the same universal wisdom.Watch Video .

Because all major religions and spiritual systems are derivatives of the same universal wisdom, Kabbalah is not an alternative to them. Rather, Kabbalah is a supplement to religious and spiritual systems.

The Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles is not the only place where a person can learn the relationship between Kabbalist thought and practice and other religions, as well as other teachings. The Kabbalah Centre has established about 50 branch locations across the globe. This includes satellite centers in major cities like Toronto, New York, and London.

In addition to branch locations, here are hundreds of study groups in operation around the world. Finally, a person can learn about the relationship between Kabbalah and other religions via educational programs offered via the Internet.

When it comes to accessing teaching from the Kabbalah Centre, it does take a less restrictive approach than is the case of other Kabbalah organizations and instructional centers. For example, the Kabbalah Centre permits people who do not have a background in Jewish and Hebrew texts. Many more traditional Kabbalist centers also require a participant to be older, oftentimes over the age of 40. Moreover, there are instances in which Kabbalist learning is largely restricted to men. for more.

Maggie Gill has made healthcare a mainstay of her career, and in the 13 years she spent with Memorial Health, she went from being Vice President of Finance in the managed care division, to be Chief Operating Officer in 2005 and finally was named President and CEO of Memorial Health in just 7 years after she started with this company. The growth and exponential value she brought to Memorial Health was unilaterally regarded as being priceless.

During her time as CEO, her responsibilities were numerous, including physician relations and government relations. Late in 2016, Memorial Health was the recipient of 7 Annual Health Care Heroes Awards given out by the Georgia Medical Society. These heroes were nominated in six different categories. Community outreach, health care innovation and health care education were a few of the departments that received awards.

Health care innovation received the award based on the “Primary Care Accelerated Track” program, which is a collaborative effort between Memorial Health and a local university. Under their health care education efforts, there is a teen driver program, which is to educate teenagers on safety of operating a motor vehicles. Where Memorial Health really shined, however, was in their community outreach program where their safety officer and regional emergency coordinator won, in addition to supporters of their eponymous Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah.

It does make some sense that under the tutelage of Ms. Gill, Memorial Health cared for an overwhelming number of uninsured individuals as well as others who are fiscally disadvantaged. It is her strong leadership, and deep commitment to the well-being of others, that helped Ms. Gill navigate Memorial Health through some of the most tumultuous times in the history of healthcare in this country. She was at the helm through the entire implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and had to ebb-and-flow with all that went along with the seemingly ever-changing health insurance marketplace, and she did it well.

The real estate market in Miami Beach, Florida is changing for the better. An increase in Latino population and baby boomers lead to the booming and busting cycle in the real estate trend in the Southern part of Florida. Ask any informed real estate agent in the region such as Samuel Strauch, and they will tell you that the demand for housing in Miami is growing faster than the supply.


Causes of the Increased Demand

Miami takes pride in its diversified economy. Retail services and health sector play a significant part in the finance economy, with the latter being the largest job creator. For someone who has been in the field for a long time, Samuel Strauch, like many other Miami real estate agents knows perfectly well that the demand will continue growing.

Additionally, the demand will lead to a hike in prices, probably by 10 percent annually. This increase will not be in vain as the region has focused on improving social amenities such as schools and improve security measures.

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Fluctuating Trends

At some point, weaker demand from overseas buyers and an increase in development of luxury condo towers led to a decrease in demand. Consequently, this resulted in a significant drop in price. Real estate agents in the region urge clients to focus on investing at such times. Their knowledge on the field allows them to understand the fluctuating trends in the market. Check for more.


Samuel Strauch

With over 14 years of practice in Miami real estate market, Samuel Strauch is your go-to agent while looking for a home or advice in the sector. He is a licensed real estate agent in Florida and has completed several successful transactions throughout his career.

Samuel Strauch dedicates his career into representing buyers, and sometimes he represents sellers. Currently working as a principal real estate agent for Metrik Real Estate, Samuel has achieved over 60% successful buyer transactions. Be sure to click this.

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The captivating area of fashion, in addition to the inventive area of technology, from the origin of their establishment, are two different areas of ingenuity that have gone through many revolutions. The two of these mesmerizing areas have progressed side by side for many years. During the period of the truly innovative era of the 1970’s, a new gadget started to grow and become very popular. It was a fresh creation – a technical item for sharing the sound of music, renowned by the colloquialism “boom box.” This new invention immediately attracted people to it as it let the user own an easily transportable music player, and in addition it allowed the music to be very mobile. The consumer now had the chance to transmit their music to a group of people or while out on a walk inside their community. The 1980’s soon appeared, and the product began to frequently show up in television and theaters, associated with break-dancers and their hip new way of dressing. The 1990’s presented a new outlook, there was an advancement where the product was made small enough to secure it to a belt, quietly experienced with the advent of personal headphones. Ten years later, the product was manufactured to be even smaller, had no moving parts, and could now be concealed within a pant pocket. This innovative development in the product’s size was directly the result of fashion’s influence.


That ground-breaking technology is connecting with fashion. Many designers of fashion attire have manufactured outfits that are designed to protect the user and be an elegant device simultaneously. A superb example of a coupling of fashion with technology is the advent of an airbag placed on the owner’s neck. This airbag assembly mixed with clothes is useable while riding a bike; should the owner fall from an accident, the clothing item inflates and the user’s neck is secured.


Products that are mixed with technology and fashion are the means of income for CEO and designer for Burch Creative Capital, one Mr. Chris Burch. Mr. Burch is a founder of many ventures that combine technology and fashion. Mr. Burch is looked upon as a “power brander.”


He uses his knowledge of branding and promoting by exploring a diversity of technology, mixed with garments. He founded Eagle’s Eye using a $2,000 endowment, rising to a $165 million endeavor.





José Borghi is the co-Chief Executive Officer of the influential Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe. The agency, headquartered in São Paulo, is the result of a 2012 merger between Lowe and Borghierh Creative Intelligence. The company is global in size with advertising campaigns performed in over 65 countries. Among the many well-known brands that Mullen Lowe has worked with are AXE, Knorr, Harley-Davidson, Claudia, and TRESemmé.

Borghi graduated with a degree in Advertising and Propaganda from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. He started his professional career at the advertising agency Standard Ogilvy in 1988. During his career with this agency he was recognized for his creativity and knowledge of advertising and worked his way up the ranks. He was eventually named to the positions of Vice President of Creation and President at the advertising firm Leo Burnett. In 2002 he decided to found his own agency which he named the BorghiErh agency.

José Borghi has created a large number of memorable ad campaigns for his clients. Among the clients he has created campaigns for are Honda, Fiat, the Down’s Syndrome Association, American Express, Delta Airlines, Electrolux, Mitsubishi, and Kellogs. His work has won him awards including 20 Lions at Cannes, 15 at the New York Festival, and 12 Cilos Awards. He was named as the “Advertiser of the Year” in 2014.

Borghi recently talked about how a crisis can be an opportunity for advertisers to exploit. A crisis gives them the ability to show how relevant marketing can be to a corporation and develop a strategy to manage it. He has stressed to companies that advertising should not be only used to show products and services to potential customers but should be a part of all strategies incorporated by the company to enhance the brand. for more.

Oncotarget started out in 2010 as a journal that looked to cover subjects pertaining the cancer menace. However, in the light of unprecedented success, the magazine decided to go beyond the topic of cancer. Nowadays, the publication encompasses nearly all files of medical science. The magazine is distributed on a weekly basis, online and is free.

The objective of the publication is to enlighten its audience on new and upcoming scientific research and their results. By distributing this information, the publishers aim to maximize the impact of the studies through their intuitive reviews. The editorial also seeks to disseminate information on new discoveries as quick as possible to a broad audience. Additionally, the magazines hope to link up all fields of health sciences by ironing out inconsistencies between different professions in the biomedical industry. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Under the leadership of the exemplary Mikhail Blagosklonny, who is the chief editor, the journal has assisted numerous scientists across the globe in their research. Mikhail is flanked by a team of top experts in the field, so readers are assured of quality and credible content in the magazine. By publishing their thoughts, these pros have enabled practitioners to adopt their methods in the fight against diseases. The editorial team’s vision is to be able to achieve a disease-free life.

Though it has diversified in recent years, Oncotarget made its name while covering oncology. The two chief editors, Mikhail and Andrei Gudkov, are renowned authorities on oncology. Additionally, both of them are employees at Roswell Cancer Institute, meaning they are proxy to any new research on the subject of cancer. Owing to their vast experience, the two seem like the perfect match for the editorial job. Their nous on oncology enables them to craft the journal in a way that it provides precise information.

Still, on the subject of cancer, the journal focuses on the pathology of the diseases, remedies, and methods of improving patient management. Also, the publication highlights the impact of the directorate programs and new medications on perspectival matters such as client satisfaction and quality of life. The magazine evaluates both new and existing remedies regarding their performances and deduces their suitability by assessing the feedback of patients. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The healthcare industry has seen massive changes and growth over the years with new technology offering new ways of solving problems. From the development of healthcare plans like Medicare to the delivery of cheaper solutions to ailments, the healthcare system is now designed to serve citizens better without spending a lot of money.

Plans like Medicare also offered private companies a chance to explore the healthcare industry and to come up with better solutions to the problems members of such plans encounter. One of the companies that have been offering managed healthcare services across Puerto Rico is InnovaCare Health, which is among highly successful physician practice service institutions in the country.

InnovaCare has over the past 10 years experienced many changes that helped the company to embrace better ways of pursuing challenges presented by customers. One of the ways the company solved its challenges was by embracing modern technology, which helped by connecting various departments and eliminating the long processes customers had to go through before they were served. Due to the improvements these changes brought, InnovaCare Health saw an increase in the number of Medicare members from less than 20, 000 one decade ago to over 250,000 in 2017.

This growth can also be attributed to the good leadership the company embraced within this period. From 2012, the company saw major reshuffles that led to changes in the leadership system, thereby inviting highly skilled leaders like Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Read this article about Innovacare at

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the CEO and President of InnovaCare Health, is an expert in clinical healthcare who has contributed a lot to the development of the healthcare industry. Prior to joining InnovaCare Health he served at several companies including Aveta Inc., between 2008 and 2012 and MedPartners. He joined InnovaCare Health in 2012 and has since been leading the company in implementing new policies directed at revamping its performance. Although with many challenges, Rick Shinto led InnovaCare Health into a process that saw the company embrace a new service delivery system, which has further improved how customers access services.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides also joined InnovaCare Health around the same time as CEO Rick Shinto. She previously held position as the deputy CEO of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. She is currently the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health and a vital supporter of the development projects that have been steering the company all along.

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