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The founder of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, is pleased to announce that he has brought out a company called Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited to be able to bring his company to Australia. Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited was officially changed to Equities First Holdings on September 5, 2014. The company, Equities First Holdings, itself has been around since 2002 and have been spreading across the globe ever since. This move was funded by the company’s continuous growth at 30% a year. Which has also helped Equities First Holdings build offices all over the world like in the United States and Thailand. Christy’s main goal is to give people and businesses around the world a chance at low-interest rate loans and other financial assistance. He mentioned that the success of his company comes from exceptional service and being a company that clients can trust. Christy’s hopes to bring those same qualities to the Australian people.

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Rod J. Rohrich is an influential figure in the United States. People have respected him for being an experienced plastic surgeon who is based in Dallas. Rod is also serving as the professor of plastic surgery at an institution known as UT Southwestern Medical Center. Rod has won the hearts of many people in the community, and he has become an international expert in the field. Rod is different from all the other people in the profession because of his artistic and unique skills when it comes to restoring youthfulness. The doctor has understood the concept of defining the human body and face, and he has also emerged as one of the most appreciated plastic surgeons in the world.

The plastic surgery field is very complicated. The industry only attracts professionals who have enough courage and expertise because it has numerous challenges. The people who have to become plastic surgeons have to spend more than five years at the university trying to acquire the skills needed, and this makes many people demotivated. The area is also dominated by men because few women can sacrifice their time and resources for the profession.

2018 will be a busy year for Rod. According to the renowned doctor, he will be expected to attend three essential conferences where he will be playing a crucial role. On February 8, the doctor will be expected to participate a three-day conference known as the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. The main aim of the special event will be reflecting on the technical advances and evolution of interests in the cosmetic world. This special event was started several decades ago by cosmetic innovators such as Thomas Baker. The event will attract people from all over the world.

Rod has also announced that he will be available for the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. The respected doctor will be expected to chair the event which will take place on February 28. On March 2, the doctor will be attending the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, a meeting that he is responsible for organizing. Due to his expertise in the market, Rod will be expected to chair the event.

In all the three events, Rohrich will be excited to offer some of the latest innovations in the cosmetic surgery department. Some of the main topics to be discussed include vaginal rejuvenation, lasers, IPL, noninvasive fat removal and skin tightening.

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One statistic that shocks many people is that about 40% of American adults are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Around 14.5 million people in the nation had cancer in 2014 and experts expect this will be over 19 million in 2024. People are facing much better odds at beating this disease, though, thanks to companies like Tempus out of Chicago, Illinois. This company was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky and it is already helping doctors diagnose and treat cancer.

People think that the healthcare industry is completely up to speed on technological advances given electronic health records have been around for a number of years. Sadly this really isn’t true. Eric Lefkofsky first had his first experience with cancer when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the most common forms of this disease. While dealing with this issue he learned that there were huge holes in the industry in regards to digital technology and the collection of data. He has years of experience in the technology industry, such as being one of the founders of Groupon, so he found the situation very unsettling.

Eric Lefkofsky decided he could create a way of gathering all of the data that is generated when a patient is being treated with cancer and harness it all into an online platform. This would streamline the collection of data and make it far more accessible to physicians. This is what Tempus now does and its helping patients across the United States.
Eric Lefkofsky is from Detroit, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan where he received both his bachelor’s and JD. He has been an entrepreneur ever since his days in college when he started a carpet selling business. Beyond Tempus and Groupon he has also founded or co-founded other companies like MediaBank (a tech company that buys online media businesses), and Lightbank which invests in Chicago tech startups.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation was started by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife in 2006. This nonprofit supplies financial backing to nonprofits that help those in their communities. A particular focus of their foundation is on children. They have also signed the Giving Pledge which means most of their fortune will eventually be given away.

Jeffry Schneider has been in business most of his adult life. He has an array of business skills and knows how to bring leadership to the forefront.

Effective leadership is measured by the outcome of their business ventures, projects and other efforts which exemplifies the credibility of not only the leader, but the entire organization. There needs to be a strategic pathway for a leader to accomplish this important role for everyone involved.

Leadership focuses on the Common Goal for Uniformity

The guiding principle of leadership is to steer others towards a common goal, objective or needed outcome. A leader becomes the most-influential part of any business in order to attain the desired results, which at times can be very complex. The fundamental core of a leader is someone that has the self-sufficiency to bring out the best in others while maintaining a positive environment. Regardless of the vision or mission, an effective leader always maintains the focus or intent of the business objective. The leader’s focus is critical to maintaining a consistent level of support for any business objective.

Executing Directives Appropriately Establishes More Than a Desired Outcome

Leaders are typically held in high regard and respected by their staff, which is essential to any successful outcome. Without being overbearing, controlling or demanding, a great leader is someone who commands an organization while executing directives.  They also have the confidence to allow individuals to initiate tasks for the improvement of the organization or company. In fact, most successful leaders are those who release control over their staff and not only support their initiatives but also encourage them. Such initiatives allowed by a leader can be very useful for accomplishing company goals.

Choosing to lead from a Distance Brings Greater Results

Leadership is more helpful to a company from a reasonable distance than it is as a forcible presence to oversee every aspect of business operations. While there are times when a leader needs to exercise higher visibility, and be more hands-on within the operations, leaders who choose to engage at a high level are accomplishing objectives at a stronger pace than a leader that hovers. Leadership is at its highest when successful outcomes are achieved even when the leader is not physically present. Although motivation is typically a self-imposed part of an individual, leaders who encourage, support and show interest in individual’s goals receive results reflective of a higher motivation as well as individual ownership within their company.

As a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Jeffry Schneider was taught the significance of leadership as well as community service. The University has a long-time mission on the importance of community service as well as leadership development. The UMass Community Action Service through Leadership and Service is an essential part of the curriculum that Jeffry learned while attending.

The program was his first exposure to knowing the importance of leadership and how it multiple facets of business, social structures and communities. Jeffry worked with the LifeWorks organization in October 2017 to help young mothers and families in crisis within the Texas community as well as philanthropy efforts with a community drive project. LifeWorks is committed to helping families restore their lives through difficult financial circumstances, and Jeffry’s leadership was essential to the project. He showed by example the ability to put others first while maintaining a leadership role for an extremely worthy cause.

In the United States, the prices of properties keep on soaring. It resulted in the difficulty of poor American families of owning their own home, and the middle-class families are also experiencing difficulties in paying for their mortgages. Nick Vertucci, a well-known motivational speaker, is traveling the North American continent, inviting people who are having difficulties in paying for their property. He is teaching them how to do real estate flipping, and how they can earn more money in the quickest time possible. Nick Vertucci stated that he wanted to help the people on how they can become rich because he knows the feeling of being broke and in debt.

Back when he was a child, Nick Vertucci experienced hardships in life, and he felt depressed when his father died. His mother had to work hard to support them, and feeling that he is just a burden, Nick Vertucci decided to leave their home at the age of 18. He started a business to gain income, and his shop specializes in selling computer parts. The business is doing great in the beginning, but it soon became bankrupt as the economic meltdown in the early 2000s spreads around the world. He became broke, and again, in severe debt. He does not have a place to go until one of his friends invited him to join a seminar about real estate flipping. He agreed to join his friend and listened to the speaker who is sharing insights about real estate flipping. Nick Vertucci learned so much from the speaker, and he decided to do it by himself. In just a short amount of time, he became successful and wealthy, being able to sell so many properties.

After becoming successful through real estate flipping, he decided to open up a website that would also share the methods and techniques on how to be successful in reselling properties. He would also go around cities discussing why real estate flipping is the next big thing. Those who are interested in becoming rich through real estate flipping can visit his website and learn so much about the practice.

All companies use reviews to represent their products and services. Most companies ignore negative reviews and only promote positive reviews. There are a few companies that truly understand the benefits of online reviews. Even negative reviews can tell a company a lot about the markets.

Obviously, all reviews are important; especially these days. Customers use online reviews to determine final purchases. It’s kind of strange to see the power shift into the hands of the crowd. While some people use this power for personal gain, most are just sharing their opinions about products and services they have experience with.

This trend also created a new industry: online review sites. Companies like Yelp and Trustpilot are capitalizing on this trend just as much as the businesses getting reviewed. Both review companies have seen tremendous contributions to their sites over the last decade. Trustpilot reports they get 20,000 new visitors every day.

This new consumer behavior forces companies to be honest. It’s left a lot of selfish companies behind and promoted generous companies. It should be hard for companies to uphold some level of standards that put their customers first. The power of the crowd has restored balance to the company-customer relationship.

Fabletics is a company that’s focused on building on that relationship. Fabletics’ premise: offer on-trend fashion at affordable prices. Activewear is an ever-growing fashion trend that didn’t have one brand that sold both affordable and on-trend fashion. Fabletics was the first to combine the two aspects with personalized service.

So far, the public’s responded well. In just four years, Fabletics has become one of the most popular activewear brands in the country. They have over 20 million social media followers, 18 retail stores, and 1.2 million monthly members. Last year, the company’s sales increased by 43 percent.

The biggest influence leading Fabletics is co-founder Kate Hudson. She’s played a significant role in the business’s expansion and international success. Fabletics is sold in eight countries. It’s also one of the most talked fashion brands in the world. A lot of that activity is caused by the numerous discounts offered for their products.

People look at Fabletics and assume that their products are cheaply made. It surprises a lot of women to discover that Fabletics’ quality is more than they expected. Most people use Fabletics’ free lifestyle quiz to see what kind of styles the brand has before officially becoming a member.

Forty percent of Americans own stocks of some sort. However, the question is whether they are making smart investments. Investing in stocks will always be something of a risk unless you know what you’re doing. Paul Mampilly is an expert investor. You should take advice from expert investors like him if you want to avoid the risks of investing.

Paul Mampilly believes that you should try to invest in things that will become very popular in the future. For an example of this, look at smartphones. Before smartphones, everyone owned a flip phone or a Nokia. Nowadays, people would not even consider buying one of those. The same can be said for electric cars. If you missed out on investing in smartphones when they first came out, now is your opportunity to invest in electric cars.

If you now realize that investing in flip phones would have been a bad idea once smartphones started coming out, you should realize that it is already a bad idea to invest in companies that are producing regular cars. Instead, invest in companies that are producing electric cars. These will become popular for a reason. First of all, they will greatly reduce the costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle, simply because they have just a few moving parts, as opposed to regular cars, which have so many moving parts that can always break down. In addition, there will no more costs of gas. Over the next few years and decades, everyone will start using these cars. Some countries are already adapting to them.

Paul Mampilly is an expert investor who is now widely recognized for his accurate predictions expert advice. He is called upon by major news outlets to appear on their channels and give his advice. In addition, he has a Profits Unlimited newsletter that has ninety thousand subscribers. They get access to his valuable information about investing.

Paul Mampilly has a track record of making successful investments that have paid themselves off. He founded Profits Unlimited. His advice is sought out by many investors who are looking for solid advice on how to profit.

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For those who keep abreast with business news, Todd Lubar is not an unfamiliar name. The business man is the current President at TDL Global Ventures. He is also the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar is not only a businessman, but he is also an entrepreneur with interests in the real estate industry. For over 20 years he has helped others in fulfilling their goals of owning property. Check out yelp for more.

One of the things which most people do not know about Lubar is that he has been ranked on the list of top mortgage originators in the United States. He has held this top position for several years now. Apart from the real estate industry, Todd has also worked in other sectors such as construction, entertainment and finance. Above all, his businesses are led with the aim of contributing to the community around him.

TDL Ventures, LLC

Before launching his own firm, Todd Lubar was working in the finance sector. He was in the industry for more than 20 years, and he would see the obstacles which most people faced when trying to own property. He wanted to help them by reducing these barriers, an availing credit to them. This became the beginning of TDL Ventures.

Todd Lubar has managed to create a meaningful business out of his passion. When asked about how he managed to bring his ideas to life, he attributes his success to his productivity, and hardwork. To stay productive, he tries to be as organized as possible. His typical day includes having breakfast with the family, and checking the news. He also tries to squeeze in some time for working out, before he heads to work. For more details visit LinkedIn.

One of the challenges which Todd Lubar faces is splitting his time between work and family. Sometimes, he has to choose between spending time with them, and going on a business trip. However, he has managed to create time off his busy schedule to be with his family.

Todd Lubar continues to inspire other young entrepreneurs to reach their business potential. You can follow him on Twitter

Used during the Middle Ages, the Trabuco is a weapon used for firing projectiles over walls or crushing masonry walls, similarly like a catapult. It’s sometimes referred to as a balancing Trabuco which was made after the traction Trabuco.

The traction Trabuco, according to reports, began with China according to This is when more people pull back the ball, wood, diseased body, or another object. The more force will be used to drive the object over the wall or crush it. Having said that, the Trabuco was derived from the idea of the old-fashioned slingshot. When putting a small rock in the sling, it must be pulled back and then let go. When significant force is applied to pull the object back on the sling, the force will be carried out upon releasing the object on the sling. Also, when referring to people back in those days using a dead, diseased body to send unto the enemy camp, reports have shown they did that in attempts to make the disease spread in the enemy’s city on And for those using more manpower for more force, reports have shown they used 18 to 45 local men to fight for their city by pulling back the sling.


The Trabuco includes the potential transformation energy into kinetic energy. Part of the energy is dissipated in the friction form. Also, the counterweight size is in direct proportion to the projectile velocity. This is because more counterweight requires stronger projectile. Additionally, the potential kinetic and gravitational energy is linked directly to the weapon’s operation.

And when it comes to the balancing Trabuco, it is also referred to the conventional Trabuco. And once gunpowder was invented, superior designs came into being. The Trabuco became useless. And the invasion is frustrating invasion was becoming obsolete. The canon was also invented.

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Born and raised in Iowa, David McDonald holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University. While at the university, he received the award of Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior. Immediately after graduating in 1987, he started working for OSI Industries where he toiled his way to become the president doubling as the chief operating officer. His dedication in the food industry saw him appoint as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

With a career spanning for over thirty years at OSI Industries, he has impacted a horde of companies which are affiliated to OSI Industries. His method of leadership and management focuses on sustainability. When he joined the company 30 years ago, though he was not working at the same position as he is today, Dave, as he is referred to by colleagues, started coming up with plans to enhance the sustainability of the company.

As an independent director at Mafrigs Global Foods SA, David McDonald has amassed enough experience in the food industry to forge the development of OSI Industries forward. Each year, the company releases a sustainability report showing the steps taken to enhance its growth and how those steps will be implemented to ensure growth. According to Dave, the core of all their operations revolve around the customer. He says that his management methods and his every day activities are always geared towards ensuring the needs of the customers are met.

Besides his positions at OSI Industries, the McDonald has, through his position as president and through his other involvements, given back to the community that made him who he is. He is an alumni of Iowa State University where he has been active in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative since 2011. Through his involvement in Iowa State University, he received the Young Alumni Award in 2004.

Over his years as president and COO of OSI Industries, a company with more than 60 years, David McDonald has seen the growth and immense expansion of the company. He oversaw the acquisition of Baho Food, a company operating in more than 18 European countries. According to him, the acquisition of Baho was a move to broaden the presence of OSI Industries in Europe. He agrees that the portfolio of Baho Food, their products and brand are a complement of the processing strengths of OSI Industries. This, according to him, is a great way to serve the ever evolving needs of their customers.

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