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“Puppy Sized” Spider Found In the Rainforest

Whelp, if you’re scared of spiders like my friend Marnie Bennett, then this story probably isn’t for you. But apparently they found a species of South American Goliath bird eating spiders that are about as big as a puppy.

That breed of spider can develop legs that grow one foot long, and as you can see from the above image, they get terrifyingly large.

Although the spiders are not a risk to humans. Scientists say that you should be more afraid of a chicken than a Goliath spider. Although I’m a little terrified of any spider that’s large enough to eat birds. I have to be honest.

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  1. Johnny Oliver said:

    And really not something I’d put my hand so close to, as this person in the photo has done. I think I’d stay nice and far back. Not exactly something I would want to stumble on while I’m just out for a morning run. I know for sure that the best essay is something that most guys would want people to know.

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