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Billionaires on the Rise Despite Recession

The disparity between rich and poor is getting wider. Many people are searching for employment, while those that are working are struggling to exist on minimum wage. Behind the scenes of this economic warfare, a few people have managed to elevate their financial status to billionaire.

According to OXFAM, the number of super-rich has grown more than twice as large during the past five years. OXFAM is a worldwide company striving to bring attention to and eradicate what they call “the injustice of poverty” across the globe. OXFAM believes that most crime stems from the resentment that builds when the majority of people have barely enough to survive, while a few elite have control of most of the world’s assets.
OXFAM’s study determined that since the financial meltdown swept through America and other leading global countries in 2008, the number of people attaining the rank of billionaire has risen to 1,646. Forbes magazine reported that for 2014 the most affluent woman in the world is Christy Walton, $38 billion, widow of John Walton of Walmart Stores.

– Johnny, (with a special contribution from Christian for this post)

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  1. Kevin Dean said:

    The richest man in the world is Carlos Slim Helú, $79.6, head of Mexico’s telecommunications conglomerate América Móvil. I do know for sure that has enough information that is needed to get things.

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