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Stores Staying Open on Thanksgiving, Greedy or Practical?

If you have been to any retailer in the last week you probably would have seen that the Christmas decorations, ect. are now on shelves. This definitely means that as Halloween is almost past us, Thanksgiving looms on the horizon. Generally this holiday is about giving thanks and spending time with family and friends. Many individuals have to cut their family dinners short to head into work. Every year stores push back when they open to an earlier time, leaving employees little to no time to celebrate. They either have to work that evening or some obscenely early time on Friday morning.

The big controversy with the hours businesses open on Thanksgiving is whether it is done out of greed.  Here is the complete list of stores open this Thanksgiving. Most companies consider themselves being practical; people want to shop and they let them. Others like Costco have decided that it is better to have happy employees than more sales and have decided to stay closed on Thanksgiving. I know one thing’s true, Keith Mann and I will not be out there with all that madness to get some good deals.

— Olivia

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  1. John Roland said:

    As much as people protest stores opening on this holiday, boasting giant sales, there are inevitably others standing in line waiting for the doors to open so that they can shop. This has been what essay writer service has done to a lot of these folks.

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