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Kim Kardashian “Broke The Internet”

This week, Kim Kardashian “broke the internet” by unveiling racy pictures from a Paper Magazine photo shoot. In the nude photos, Kim proudly displayed her massively photoshopped body and oiled up backside. The images were plastered and reposted all over Instagram, and there was an equal amount of hate and love for the photos. Personally, the last thing I want to see when I log into my Instagram is Kim’s arse looking like an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey on my screen. I’m quietly waiting for Kim to give up her blatant desperation and fade back into obscurity, and surprisingly, there are other people in the world (like my friend Brian Torchin) who agree with me.

Seeing Kim in the nude is like taking your weekly trip to the grocery store. She has consistently objectified herself in Playboy Magazine, British GQ, her awful sex tape, and her “leaked” personal photos. Kim absolutely loves to show off her body, but what does the rest of the world truly think of her?

According to Google trends, Kim’s massive rear end is waning in popularity. Jishai Evers of Dadaviz created a chart that shows the Google searches for Kim’s booty pictures were pitiful in comparison to the searches for Nicki Minaj’s ample assets. It’s absolutely nuts, but not a new concept, that people are obsessed with the rear ends of some of their favorite celebrities. However, when someone continuously shows different Photoshop variations of their naked body, we need to ask ourselves, “When will this end, and why do we even care?”


— Olivia

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