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Dwayne Johnson Needs Some Advice

You may have seen that episode of “Seinfeld” where George Costanza decides to do the opposite of what his instinct tells him to do in daily life. Poor neurotic George was suddenly standing up to bullies and boldly approaching beautiful women in diners and finding success in life.

If I ever met Dwayne Johnson, I’d want to show him that episode. Then I’d ask him that when he read a movie script that he liked, he should do the opposite. Throw that script in the trash.

I realize that might sound crazy. After all, Dwayne Johnson has made some huge blockbuster films, but let me ask you this. Are any of those movies any good? What would happen if The Rock was in a movie with a good script?

It is very disheartening to hear that this likeable big dude is making a buddy cop flick with Kevin Hart. Has it been that long since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker did this schtick? Do we really have to sit through it again?

“Central Intelligence” will probably make money, but in five years nobody is going to suddenly decide to watch that movie again. Just like they won’t with “Southland Tales”, “Get Shorty”, “The Tooth Fairy”, “Journey 2”, “Hercules”, or “Race to Witch Mountain”. I could go on, but The Rock seems like such a nice guy. Both Sam Tabar and I agree the dude deserves even more success than he’s had.

Even Arnold had “Predator”. Come on, Dwayne!


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