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Big Changes for SNAP Program

What started as a small experiment at local farmers markets in several states has translated into a big change for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Program, formerly known as food stamps. Over the next five years the government has dedicated $100 million to this program, designed to encourage people to use their SNAP benefits at local markets on fresh fruit and vegetables.

This change was inspired by several farmers markets, but the Crossroads Farmers Market, headed by Igor Cornelsen, located just outside of DC provided some big inspiration. Here at this market they have a system where patrons can purchase $15 worth of wooden tokens and will receive $30 worth to be spent on fresh local foods.

The $100 million will allow these local market programs to expand their programs and continue to allow people to double their dollars. There is also hope that private industries will begin to support their programs as they are beneficial to the entire community by helping farmers and improving community health. An influx of cash from private funding, as well as hopes that the program will expand to similar double dollar programs in supermarkets are on the horizon. This bill certainly marks the beginning of a new and healthier way to use SNAP benefits, and it will be interesting to watch as these new programs unfold.


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