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President Does Not Have the Countries Best Interest on his Agenda

The news of President Obama’s executive action, which would free 5 million immigrants from deportation, undermines the legislative process. Even Democrats such as Harry Reid and David Axelrod have spoken out regarding the Presidents’ executive action regarding immigration.

Senator McCain has said that the action taken by the President could cause the defunding of any such action, as well as preventing the confirmation of the Presidents’ nomination for Attorney General Loretta Lynch. As noted by Igor Cornelsen, there are many issues going in our country, such as a weak economy, homelessness, a suffering infrastructure, so the Presidents’ hard line stance on immigration is deplorable and putting him in the spotlight.

This President made all kinds of promises and has not delivered on many. We are still fighting wars in the middle east, he has redrawn the line in partisan politics, splitting conservatives and liberals even more, and made us the laughing stock of the world. This executive action by the president will only cause more contention between the two parties and prevent any legislation regarding immigration to move forward for a long time.

It seems that a reasonable person would worry about the needs of the citizens of this countries, and not worry about the needs of those who are here illegally. Hopefully the legislature will take action to prevent the free ride for millions of illegal immigrants, but also to block any more blatantly erroneous actions by this President.

— Johnny

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