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Behind the Scenes of Taylor Swift’s New Video

Taylor has become the one to watch for 2014. After the album was released it became difficult to contain her. She had a feud with the creator of Spotify and pulled her entire catalog from the website. Her ‘1989’ album went platinum and received great reviews. She landed the cover of Time magazine. All of this happened within the course of a week so it is difficult to hear entertainment news that doesn’t contain Taylor Swift. There is even a lot of buzz about her current single – ‘Blank Space’ – because the lyrics and the video concept take Taylor out of her comfort zone.

The ‘Blank Space’ single got more than 30 million views on YouTube in a matter of days. The video contained some interesting scenes that Bruce Levenson had to do a double take on. The video raises eyebrows and received a write-up in the Chicago Reader and became a water cooler talk for fans. Everyone seemed to want to know if Taylor Swift actually stood on the horse that fans saw her on in the video.

MTV reporter Kevin P. Sullivan managed to obtain details about the video from director John Kahn. According to Kahn, Taylor really did stand on the horse, but there are some secrets behind this that he would not reveal. He also stated that the concept for the video belonged to Taylor. He just enhanced it. Kahn alsogave Swift props for her acting skills.



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