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Cosby Rap Allegations

Bill Cosby will actually not distinguish the rape allegations that were made on him by various women with a curt response, according to the comedian’s lawyer.

Instead Mr. Cosby has elected to keep quiet on the matter for a while longer, as he works to find a proper way to explain himself and his past.

It was over many weeks that decade old accusations and allegations against Mr. Cosby have actually resurfaced, as told by the star’s lawyer John P. Schmitt in a statement that was posted online.

The lawyer also told that these factors do not necessarily make them true. Mr. Cosby does not mean to exalt the allegations with some specific comments.

This veteran comedian is at the topic of controversy in some weeks. Post the rape allegations opposing him that resurfaced publicly, a clipping of a stand-up humour Hannibal Buress had called Cosby as a rapist that went viral. Gianfrancesco Genoso shared that video with me back in October.

After that incident a couple appearances of Cosby’s were cancelled.

On Saturday, it was Cosby who refused to respond to the questions that was about the allegations in a special interview. He was remaining quiet and silent as the host Scott Simon kept on asking for his response to the charges imposed.


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