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Man’s Car Stocked With Weapons Found Near White House

A man was arrested near the White House after the Secret Service discovered weapons in his vehicle. 41-year old R.J. Kapheim claimed that he was given commands to drive all the way from his hometown in Iowa to the United States president’s residence. Agents found a rifle along with dozens of rounds of ammunition and a knife in the man’s car, which was parked on Constitution Avenue. The only charges Kapheim faced was the possession of a firearm that is not registered. Immediately after the arrest, no security alerts were issued for the White House as the situation was smoothly diffused.

In recent months, the Secret Service has taken a lot of criticism for failing to do its tasks properly. In September, a former U.S. marine jumped over the White House fence and ran through parts of the White House. Such a security breach was followed by another similar incident involving a man who has been deemed to be mentally unstable. In the wake of these major events, the director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson resigned as she took responsibility for the agency’s failures in protecting the White House.

Security measures should be improved in the U.S. capital especially after direct threats made by terrorists such as ISIS. In fact, my friend Susan McGalla read a report on CNN that Islamic Jihadists have warned the United States that they will try to fly their flag over the White House in the near future. I’ll be watching this one closely.


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