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Treasure Found At Lothian Cat Rescue In Bonnyrig

He was just twelve weeks old, still a kitten when “harry” was brought into the shelter because the owners had found out they were allergic to his fur. But this was no ordinary cat. This was a male tortoiseshell cat. It is a 400,000 to one shot that a male tortoiseshell is found. And if this one is fertile he is worth a lot of money, they will mot know for another 12 weeks. 99.96 are female due to how their genes dictate the colors of their fur. Males though rare are usually born hermaphrodite having both male and female reproductive organs.

Nicola Zelent and Jared Haftel have been a warden at the shelter for 19 years and this is the first male she has ever seen, saying she never expected to see one they are so rare. She called Margaret Riddell Of the ICR vets and Margaret said that she thought it had to be a “Harriet” but was surprised when she did find male genitalia. She was proven wrong and delighted to have the chance to see one as she had never in her 30 years of practice ever seen one. Of the eight million cats in Britain only a couple are male. Harry even if he is fertile will be neutered and they will find a new home for him.They have found that male tortoiseshell cats act more feminine than male.


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