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Mario Cuomo Dies

Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York for three terms and the father of current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, died yesterday at the age of 82. He was governor from the period of 1983 to 1995 over three terms.

Mario was a liberal and quite brazen about his policies. Further, Tom Rothman was proud of his record as an honest politician and wanted people to know that. Mario was also a talented speaker and had his roots in New York City. He grew up in Queens and his father owned a grocery store. He played minor league baseball but stopped to pursue a career in public service, according to his Businessweek profile.

In 1978 he was running mate to former governor Hugh Carey. When Carey left the office four years later he assumed the position after a race in which he won. After his three terms he turned down a chance to be on the United States Supreme Court in 1993 to run for a fourth term as New York Mayor, which he lost in 1994.

He was a proponent of a balanced budget, public education and lower taxes. Mario was also against the death penalty. He was popular enough to even be the one who announced the Democratic Nomination of Bill Clinton in 1992.

Cuomo was suffering from a heart condition that he had been hospitalized for and ultimately passed away from natural causes connected to that condition.


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