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The Sixth Anniversary At North American Spine Center

PR Newswire is reporting that the North American Spine Center is celebrating its sixth anniversary offering the AccuraScope procedure to its patients. The company has been using this procedure to help their patients get rid of back pain that they might have felt for years. The minimally invasive procedure is one that people can get done in the office with ease, and they can come back for physical therapy at any time. The unique setup of the business allows people to live pain-free without going to a hospital for major surgery.

The Doctors

The doctors in center meet with all patients to make sure that they qualify for the surgery. These patients are given a chance to talk with the doctor about the procedure, and the doctor will explain how the procedure works. Patients who qualify can schedule their surgery in the office, and patients who do not qualify can be referred to physical therapy in the rehab center on site.

The Procedure

The AccuraScope procedure can be done in just a couple of hours, and the patients are allowed to recover in the center before they go home. When people home, they are scheduled with many rehab sessions. They work with the medical staff to make sure that they are recovering well, and they are given physical therapy that will help them return to normal.

Every patient that walks out of the door can live pain-free with this new procedure, and the North American Spine Center hopes to offer this procedure for many more years to come. This is just the sixth anniversary, and the center hopes to celebrate many more with its new and existing patients. People can visit the spine center today to find out more about the AccuraScope procedure and the services at the center.

– Olivia

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