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Jared Haftel: Getting Ahead In The Financial World

Jared Haftel is a young man intent on an upward bound career in investment banking as an analyst. Jared holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University with majors in Mathematics and Economics (2009), and graduated with distinction in Mathematics. He is currently working on an MBA at Stanford University.

While at Duke, Jared wrote about music for the Duke Chronicle and completed a summer internship with Credit Suisse. After graduation, Jared went to work for Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst, where he specialized in chemicals, metals, mining, and aerospace and defense. During this time he was also an associate with Vector Capital.

Jared is outspoken about what he believes belongs in a resume for anyone seeking employment in the investment capital field: employment success. He believes that a resume should focus on work experience and minimize personal information. This is especially true, he feels, in a success oriented business such as investment banking. Degrees, awards, GPAs, and relevant employment experiences are what matters in this field.

Jared has distinguished his self as an advocate for success-oriented resumes in the field of investment banking and as a MBA student at Stanford, even having other students write about his reputation at the success oriented Stanford Business School.

His advice to people wanting to get into the corporate world starts with learning to tie a neck-tie. He recommends practice to the point of being able to tie your tie without a mirror. This advice is for people wanting to enter investment banking, not programming for Google.

Next, Jared advocates a good, firm handshake. It would be hard to find an argument against this advice. He also suggests eye contact as an important part of the ritual. Again, this advice is for the financial industry, where creative-divergent intellectuals and high-functioning Asperger’s geniuses are not likely to be encountered (These people might not appreciate the aggressive handshake or eye-contact). This is a world where the closing scene of A Thousand Clowns would be seen as triumphant, not tragic.

Jared also advocates selling yourself as a candidate for a premanent part of the corporate team. This may be hard to do if you have only been in your current job for a short while, so you must be prepared to explain why you are looking to move.

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