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FreedomPop – Giving Consumers More Choices In Wireless

I was reading the Wall Street Journal when I came across this article talking about FreedomPop, a new communications company offering dirt-cheap (and sometimes free!) services. We’ve been really upset with AT&T lately– we pay SO much for such cruddy service. So I decided to look into this company. Here’s what I found…

FreedomPop is one of the biggest up-and-coming names when it comes to free wireless Internet and mobile phone services. Based out of Los Angeles, CA this company was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Stephen Sesnar. Though it has only been around for a few years FreedomPop has become a big player in their industry and have attracted the attention of big names like Sprint and others. While the company continues to thrive and prosper their future is somewhat unclear do to talks of mergers and buyouts that could possible take place not long from now. In any case, FreedomPop’s value can’t be underestimated.

FreedomPop started when Stephen Stokols and Stephen Sesnar partnered up to create the company. Almost immediately they partnered with Lightsquared but the company was unable to get FCC approval to build its own network. FreedomPop was forced to end the partnership and go its own way. A little less than a year later in 2012 FreedomPop was successfully selling its own smartphones. In as little as three months they had experienced a 300% increase in paid customers. This massive growth is part of what helped to catch the eye of Sprint and others in the industry. It was also in this year that FreedomPop gained funding from Mangrove Capital and Doll Capital Management for over $7.5 million.

A year later in 2013 FreedomPop successfully partnered with Sprint to offer 3G and 4G services to Sprint compatible devices. This was also they year that they launched one of their biggest promotions: the beta free mobile phone plan. The plan included such features as voice, text, and data services for their customers. Later in the year in November they began another popular program that allowed them to provide these service to Sprint compatible phones for their customers.

2014 was a huge year for FreedomPop as they expanded the use of 4G voice and text data plans to tablet users. This started with popular devices such as the Samsung Tab 3 and the iPad Mini. Once again they partnered with Sprint to offer these services to those who bought their own Sprint compatible devices. Another big move by the company in 2014 was the introduction of their own low-cost tablets and smartphones. This began with the FreedomPop Liberty, a 7 inch wi-fi only tablet and continued with the later release of the FreedomPop Frenzy, a 10 inch tablet which comes with free talk, text, and data.

If you want to hear what real-life customers think about FreedomPop, these Amazon reviews are a great place to start. I’m not sure if I’m going to make the switch quite yet (still have to ride out these contracts) but I’m glad companies like FreedomPop are providing consumers with more options outside the expensive monopolies.

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