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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

Some couples consider plastic surgery as they get older, I don’t think Olivia and I would ever get surgery but if you’re considering it a certified surgeon is a good thing to know about.
Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is an internationally recognized surgeon who has made significant contributions in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He also provides facial aesthetics and aging services. He has led the discovery of groundbreaking techniques, procedures, and technology for use by plastic surgeons around the world. Since the beginning of his professional career in 1986, Dr. Rod Rohrich has become an internationally renowned and respected professional in the field of plastic surgery. The international community recognizes Dr. Rohrich as one of the most influential plastic surgeons of the last decade. This is due to his innovative work and remarkable skills not only as an educator and a as leader, but also a compassionate surgeon.

Dr. Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota. He acquired his undergraduate degree from North Dakota State University, and a postgraduate degree from the University of North Dakota. He continued with his higher education and received his medical degree from Baylor College of medicine, where he graduated with honors. He went on to learn general and plastic surgery residencies at The University of Michigan Medical Center. He pursued further training in pediatric plastic surgery at the Oxford University in England. Later, he completed a hand and micro vascular fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Rohrich has led some of the world’s renowned plastic surgery associations. These include serving as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a founding member of the board of governors for The National Endowment for Plastic Surgery. He is the chair of The American Board of Plastic Surgery`s Review Committee, and has served on the organization`s board of directors. He is also the president of the Rhinoplasty Society, which oversees the aesthetic plastic surgery training for physicians in the United States.

As a distinguished professor of plastic surgery, Dr. Rohrich teaches excellent procedures for caring for patients, and educating the next generation of plastic surgeons in the United States of America. He has led clinical research teams to improve on the effectiveness and safety of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. He has also taught and performed plastic surgery in third world countries, especially on reconstruction of sever burns and congenital deformities in kids. He is married to Dr. Dianne Gibby, also a plastic surgeon. They both live in Dallas with their two kids. Dr. Rohrich is a founding member of the Dallas for Children Foundation. Dr. Rohrich and his wife, Dr. Gibby, have been honorary co-chairs of the foundation, which assists in early childhood development programs for the underprivileged kids.

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