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New York Nuclear Power Plant Fire

On the evening of Saturday, May 9, a transformer failed and exploded at the Indian Point nuclear power plant located approximately 50 miles to the north of Manhattan, New York. The incident did not occur near the nuclear reactor units that provide 25 percent of the area’s electricity or any nuclear materials. The emergency fire sprinkler systems and on-site personnel were able to quickly put out the resulting fire. Additionally, all emergency responders in the area, including the New York State Police and nearby Westchester County responders, responded on time at the scene exactly as expected.

When the explosion and fire started, huge plumes of black smoke were pushed into the air so high that people from miles around could see them according to Ivan Ong. Initially, there were fears that something far more serious had happened at the plant. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Nuclear Regulatory Commission representatives have since referred to the event as minor, but NRC investigators have started an investigation to determine the cause.

This type of event can supposedly happen at an old or new power plant. Yet, like most nuclear power plants in the United States, Indian Point is very old — it was originally issued an operating license in 1962. Critics believe that these type of events will start occurring more often as plants like Indian Point, that are past the 50-year mark, continue to be pushed to their capacity every day.

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