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Home Coffee Roaster That Can Be Controlled With A Smart Phone

For all of the big Java drinkers out there, technology and coffee have just combined in a way that is beyond anything we ever thought possible: a coffee roasting machine controlled by a smartphone.

According to an article found on, the device is being funded via a kickstarter campaign and is known to be the world’s first digital coffee bean roaster. All that you would have to do in order to use it is place any coffee beans you want (in their raw form) and select a roasting style, and within 10 minutes the Ikawa, as it is called, will produce the roasted coffee to you that you can use in any coffee maker.

This is clearly a job for those java enthusiasts on Facebook who know exactly what they like and are very particular about what they drink. Gravity4 knows a few who could be good for the job. It is certainly a fancy machine but if you are someone who truly appreciates the value of roasting your own coffee beans, then you can contribute to the site for an amount of $700 US dollars and when it is released you will then own one. This really is a neat idea, and I can see how in the near future it will become a trend like so many other technology devices that come along each year. Hopefully the Ikawa will do great and get the funds it needs to go into mass production mode in the near future.

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