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Millionaire in Huge Debts After Adopting 75 Orphans

A particular woman has spent the last 20 years using her coal mining investments to house and cater for abandoned children. The woman had accumulated millions of the mining investments in the 1980’s. She is currently in lots of debts after spending her wealth adopting 75 orphans.

According to the Observer, Li Lijuan, a former apparel business lady from Wu’an County, China decided to adopt dozens of children who either lost their parents or were deserted due to disabilities or illness. She adopted her first orphan in 1994. Currently, all her adopted children are recognized in her name and have never been officially asserted as orphans. Under the harsh Chinese laws, such children cannot be adopted by other families.

The 46-year-old is now approximately £200,000 in debt, but she still strives towards raising her adopted family. All this started when the coal mine she endowed in was closed down and was no longer able to cater for her large family. Li Lijuan has resorted to auctioning her properties and other valuables as sources confirm.

The tight adoption policy has forced Lijuan to reject volunteers offer to give the foster children new homes. However, charitable organizations have stepped in to provide donations. While volunteers have stepped forward give Lijuan’s foster children new homes, strict adoption laws in China mean the former millionaire has no choice but to refuse their offers. Some of the huge expenses such as urgent operations for disabilities and various birth defects by far exceed the money she receives.


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