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Getting to know about Qnet

QNet is based in Hong Kong. It sells a couple of products which include luxury goods, weight management, energy, home care, fashion accessories, personal care and nutrition. Qnet promotes the products on its online website its marketing plan involves multi-level and direct marketing. The company has branches in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, United, and Philippines. Its franchise companies are situated in Turkey and India. It also operates in the following countries Egypt, Iran, Saudi, Nepal , Côte d’Ivoire, Syria Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Turkey.
The company’s energy assortment is sold under Amezcua. Qnet distributes products such as Chi Pendant and Bio Disc two mainly in this assortment. The product’s glass is fashioned in high-tech expertise in Germany, which has experience in glass production for over 100 years. The glass is drilled by technology to form the final product.
The Malaysia-based company plans to shift production to India making it its processing hub. It has put together measures in order to process electronic and client’s goods there. The company is recently producing its watches and Nutrisplus the energy drink in the country. This shifting process to India will lead to increase in costs ranging from 8% to 12%.
Qnet decided to modify its marketing plan for India by processing valuable products which modify the customer’s life. The shift to life enhancement from lifestyle has enabled the company expand its product provision into weight management, education, water filtration and air purification.
The company has a unique way of evaluating upcoming products known as the vegetarian philosophy. It only allows vegetarian ingredients in its consumable products. It fights against diabetes, obesity among other degenerative infirmities by reducing the quantities of sugar, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners in its products thus, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Qnet intends to give a sale platform to individuals who discover unique products that surpass its quality test in India.
It is also much involved in philanthropic work globally. It follows it’s philosophy of empowering individuals worldwide to start up businesses and prosper, which has been the reason for its increased growth to over 100 nations worldwide.

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