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Edward Snowden’s Lawyer Claims The British Sunday Times Article Leaked Spy Files Is Ridiculous

Snowden’s Canadian Lawyer Said There Was No Possibility Of Interception Of Those Files By China And Russia

The Edward Snowden story won’t go away. Somehow the British Sunday Times got information that China and Russia cracked Snowden’s leaked NSA files and identified US and British spies. The article said Britain had pulled their agents from the field to protect them. Snowden’s Canadian lawyer, Robert Tibbo, says that didn’t happen. All copies of files were destroyed before Snowden left Hong Kong in 2013. The article quoted anonymous sources, and Tibbo claims those sources don’t exist.

Glenn Greenwald is one of the reporters that received the original files from Snowden. He also claims the Times article is false. Greenwald confirmed that Snowden destroyed all copies before he enter Russia. Greenwald is a co-founder of the news website, The Intercept. He published an article on that site recently, and in that piece he called the Sunday Times piece “journalism at its worst.” Even Downing Street says there is no factual evidence that any British agents were in harm’s way.

But stories like the British Sunday Times piece will pop-up from time-to-time because the world wants to know more about Snowden’s stash of files according to what Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has read online. Not all the stolen files have been released, so there are more stories in the wind.

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