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Jellyfish Changing the Way People Think

The animal kingdom is filled with any number of fascinating creatures that can perform some incredible feats. Often studying these amazing tasks can yield to a number of breakthroughs in medicine and even technology. It might be difficult to look at a jellyfish and appreciate the ability of the animal to do anything, but scientists are getting inspired by a talent many did not realize the aquatic creatures had.

According to the Washington Post a CalTech study on the symmetrization, or ability to maintain precise symmetry, of jellyfish allows the creatures to rearrange lost limbs to stay equal on all sides. The balance and precision of the animals is what allows them to move through the water and capture prey, and the study is inspiring a new way of thinking when it comes to self-repair and the healing process. The animals adapt and move forward should the terrible happen, and scientists believe that creating technology or equipment that performs a similar task could be extremely beneficial.

While it will be years before a car will reposition tires if one goes flat or an airplane will move engines should one fail, but the new way of looking at things can be credited to the simple jellyfish. The study provides a sound base for new ideas and thoughts, which can be applied to any number of additional areas according to sources Jim Dondero has read through. It would seem the sky is the limit for the jellyfish, and that is a surprising revelation.

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