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Locals Greet the Newcomers

Eric Kempson, a 60-year Briton and peaceful man lives on Lesvos, a Greek Island. He lives a quiet life with his daughter and his wife. Every morning he would wake up and look out onto the sea with his binoculars.

Kempson, recently had started noticing rubber boats pulling up to the island that came quite often. He discovered that these boats were full of people from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Kempson witnessed some 22,000 newinhabitants arrive on the island just by watching these rubber boats.

According to, Kempson sees around 5 to 6 boats arrive on the island. Recently, upon there arrival, volunteers have started providing these new arrivals with bottled water, fruit, and pampers. Kempson has also alerted a local Greek restaurant to make sandwiches for the new locals on the island.

Kempson states that as they are newcomers in Europe, they should be welcomed with food and water as there is a strong possibility that they have not eaten for three days. Tourists have even started to pitch in as they see people coming to the island with need. Unfortunately, as the numbers increase, the number of vacancies on the island have decreased. There are even people camped out on the beach now. The island is now full of those that will eventually make their way across Europe to reach their final destination. Hopefully, the European hospitality shown by the locals have lightened the newcomer’s spirits.

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