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Is A Bar Responsible for Your Intoxication and Drunk-Driving Accident?

Is your bar responsible for making sure you don’t drive after you’re obviously drunk? Terence Mulcahy’s wife says a bar bears a responsibility for his death.

Last winter, Terence Mulcahy sat at Anson’s Pub and became “visibly intoxicated.” At one point, someone at Anson’s took Mulcahy’s keys, and although he was drunk, the pub returned the keys to him.

Two nights later, Terence Mulcahy’s body was found frozen to death, in a cornfield. Bloomberg reported that he had been in an accident, and it appeared his pickup truck had run into a ditch.

The autopsy confirmed Mulcahy had suffered from an injury to his head, and ultimately died from exposure to the freezing cold.

Anson’s Pub did confirm to Mulcahy’s family and police that he had been there drinking.

Mulcahy’s wife, Daryl Mulcahy filed a lawsuit that states the pub had confiscated his keys, then returned them, although he was clearly impaired. They contend the bar should have provided alternate transportation, instead of allowing him to drive in that condition.

Each year, approximately 17,000 people die in car crashes, and about 37,000 people will be permanently disabled because of alcohol. Many states allow families to bring civil lawsuits against entities that provide the alcohol.


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