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A Genuine Leader Of Innovation – Eucatex

The first Brazilian environmentally-friendly company, Eucatex, was founded in 1951 in Salto, Brasil. The idea was to use eucalyptus as raw material and produce acoustic ceiling tiles and panels. Eucalyptus wood fibers are still widely used by furniture manufacturers and industrial construction as they are a high performance isolation material.
The first mill known as Fiberboard Industrial Unit was launched in 1954. In the following years the company had spread across Brazil and Buenos Aires in Argentina and at the same time increased its production capacity to 100 tons per day.

The next big step was establishing its representative offices all across the globe, in Holland, Germany, UK, USA, and Mexico. Products portfolio was complemented with coating paints for the acoustic ceiling tiles and panels at that period of time. By the end of 1980 the company was exporting to more than 50 countries. But right there in Salto, Brasil, Eucatex established a new factory in order to develop a completely new line of paints and varnishes and later that year had also started manufacturing MDP panels.

This is one of the first companies in Brasil that received the certification ISO 9001. Eucatex’s industrial facility in Salto, started production of high technology T-HDF / MDF (Thin High Density Fiberboard and Medium Density Fiberboard) panels, used for manufacturing doors and partitions in 2010.

The company’s modernization process began when Flavio Maluf took over the presidency of the Eucatex Group in 1997. This mechanical engineer with his wide expertise in different areas is focused on innovation and high investments in developing new products for this highly competitive market segment. Often described as a perfectionist Flavio strives to sustain a continuously successful company.

Eucatex is highly devoted to its numerous social programs. It is aiming to help and support development of surrounding communities and prefers programs that include children and youth. His most respected program is Environmental Education Program named “House of nature”. Offering numerous educational activities Eucatex is trying to raise awareness of environmental problems and spread notions about conservation and protection of the environment intended mostly for students and educators. Other programs include Paint Donation for schools transformation, Food Collecting and Donations to NGOs, Children’s day, Christmas sponsoring and many more.

This Innovative Company has also decided to reduce pollution by founding the Recycling Program through which Eucatex invests funds in reusing wood residue. They use biomass as an eco-friendly technology to generate energy rather than burning diesel or natural gas.

Today Eucatex is a market leader and top manufacturer of floors, wall partitions, doors, and MDP and MDF panels with over 2000 employees in 37 countries. Its corporate headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, Brasil. It has three factories which manufacture different products from its impressive portfolio.

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