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Forming The Greatest Basketball’s League in the World

For a sport to attract the attention of a great investor of the Bruce Levenson’s stature, there must be an underlying advantage. Bruce Levenson according to wikipedia is a renowned investors whose engagements are mostly business oriented although he is a well-established philanthropist. But his purchase and co-ownership of the Atlantic Hawks has left a number of onlookers wondering what his move in this is about. Nonetheless, being a prudent investor that he is it is obvious that he is carefully making a investment in the process and there are financial gains to being part of the most famous game the entire North American continent.

There are several sports and leagues in the American sporting front but one of the most famous and the most popular is the NBA. One of the greatest reason as to why NBA is the greatest league surpassing the likes of soccer, cricket, American football among other sport is because it is a basketball league. It is important to point out that among all the sports that are popular and active in the American sporting industry, basketball tops the list. As a result, NBA benefits from the massive following from the American public which has consequently made the game and the league a big industry on its own.

The history of NBA which is an acronym for National Basketball Association can be traced from the mid-40s and to be more precise in 1946. This is the exact year when the league stated its first championship games. From its inception to date, the league continues to uphold quality and proficiency producing world class players who have become global icons like Michael Jordan and Shawn O’Neal. However, the journey has not been an easy walk in the park and the league’s management have had to persevere several hardships and challenges to make the league what it is today.

In the first stages of the league’s formation, there were great challenges especially with other competing players who were also trying to come up with a league. The competition was quite stiff and the growing numbers of competitors threatened the very existence and stability of the league. Nonetheless, the leagues management never gave in to the amounting pressure from the surrounding challenges. The greatest challenge and competitive threat to the establishment of the NBA in those years was its closest competitor, the National Basketball League, NBL. In fact, at this time the league had not assumed the NBA name yet.

In its initial and formative stages, NBA was known as The Basketball Association of America abbreviated as BAA. However, after three years of existence, the BAA and the NBL decided to merger as a way to defeat the other competing small leagues and surprisingly it worked. Soon after the merger which also led to the adoption of the new name, NBA, many teams began to join and the league outdid all the other smaller leagues that were still struggling to attract major teams. NBA has the best players springing from its teams and world class championships are held in the leagues various approved mega arenas in the USA.

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