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John Textor is Perfecting Digital Entertainment

Digital Human Entertainment
It has been reported on news that Pulse Evolution Corporation has made the disclosure of their 2nd quarter results. The fiscal quarter had ended on December 31, 2014. This is a well-known company that is leading in the machine human entertainment area. This is considered to be digital entertainment. A strategic partnership has invested 5.0 million dollars in this project. Pulse Evolution is leading in this grand and exciting new entertainment. This will be listed on the National Exchange.

The Operating Expenses has been Disclosed
Pulse Evolution Corporation has revealed that their total operating costs were 3,452,673 and 7,024,761 dollars in total. This would be for a three and the six month period. This ended on December 31, 2014. The main focus of these expenses has been devoted to the further development close resemblance of these digital entertainment humans. It has been a continuing process to perfect these digital entertainers. This is done in order to achieve a very close resemblance to the real entertainer. The following entertainers are currently being perfected. These include:
*Marilyn Monroe
*Elvis Presley
*Michael Jackson
LinkedIn shows the operating costs will include the further development of the overall future of the company itself. This may also include the shows that may be a part of the future.

A Recognized Corporation
Pulse Evolution is indeed a corporation that leads in the development of this digital entertainment. The late Michael Jackson is a highly popular digital entertainer that was developed by this corporation. This is a corporation that has share agreements with the following estates:
*Marilyn Monroe
*Michael Jackson
*Elvis Presley
These are some of the most valuable estates in the world. There is a major focus on the further developments of these estates and the agreements that this corporation has with them. This is indeed an exciting time for this company. Technology does allow this company and industry to embrace all that is possible.

The Emerging Trend
Pulse Evolution does foresee this digital entertainment of humans as an emerging trend in society. This is most likely an industry that it on the rise. This will be much more than just the performing on the stage. This is a form of artificial intelligence with appropriate and realistic communication.

John Textor the Amazing CEO
Mr. Textor is an amazing CEO who has a clear vision for the future of digital entertainment. He is the Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation and CEO of this intriguing corporation. He has numerous areas in which he is responsible for. These include the following:
*special projects
*relationships with some major media companies
*rights acquisition
*venue partnerships

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