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Brad Reifler: The Path to Economic Prosperity

It seems as if everyone today has a plan to achieve economic prosperity. Whether it is getting rich in the stock market or starting a successful business, the path to riches is not an easy one. Brad Reifler understands this very well, which is why he has worked so hard over the past 30 years doing the research needed to start one successful company after another. Using a combination of knowledge built upon his experience, Brad had been able to form relationships with people worldwide to become one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs and investors.

Having started three companies from scratch and seen each of them become hugely successful, Brad has gained a reputation as a person who knows what it takes to succeed. Because of this, he has been able to consult on a regular basis with some of the world’s leading economic experts and leaders. One day he may speak with an economist from China, learning all he can about the Asian financial markets and how they will impact his company and his investors. On another day he may be meeting with board members from various Fortune 500 companies, helping them understand how today’s economic climate can help their businesses grow. No matter the audience, Brad is known for his exuberant personality and vast knowledge of the financial industry.

LinkedIn shows that as he continues on his own path to economic prosperity, Brad has always made sure to cultivate relationships with others. Realizing it is these relationships that matter most to the success of his companies, he has always made sure his employees were given all the tools needed to achieve extraordinary results. In the years to come, there is no doubt Brad will continue to be looked upon by others as a financial visionary far ahead of his time.

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