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Foundation For Various Skin Types

One of my favorite beauty products is foundation. There are a few different kinds of foundation that I have used. With each type of foundation, there are benefits and negative aspects. Some of the types are more favorable than others. I think that the best thing about wearing foundation is that it makes me feel like I am beautiful. When I don’t wear any kind of foundation or other makeup, I don’t feel like I am as pretty as others around me.

My skin is very oily. I have found cream foundations that have the salicylic acid. This is a product that I have used to clear my face of the acne that I have. When I have the makeup on, it helps to keep my face looking the best that it can while fighting the bacteria that builds. This kind of foundation isn’t one that is heavy on the skin. I sometimes use a moisturizer before I put the foundation on my face so that my skin is soft. All I need is a thin coat on the face to cover my blemishes and give me the look that I desire.

There are some foundations that are more for dry skin. These can be applied in a thicker consistency because the skin tends to soak up the moisture from the foundation. I have had to use more of the foundation when I tried this product. I don’t like the feeling that this leaves on my face. However, I don’t have to reapply the foundation as I sometimes do when I use a thinner coverage. The foundation doesn’t slide off the face. Another product that I have been using lately is one that fights aging. I have noticed wrinkles developing around my eyes. The anti-aging foundation finishes to what looks like a powder on the face instead of a liquid. It has a dry consistency, but it covers the face so that the small wrinkles that I have are covered. This is a product that is lightweight. Even though it’s not heavy on the skin, it still gives enough of a definition to fill in all of the wrinkles.

I have always wanted something to make me feel beautiful, and Doe Deere is a woman who has created a company that sells makeup that gets this accomplished. She cares about the customers who buy the products. Her company is one that sells fingernail polish, eye glitter and other items that make women feel beautiful.

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