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How Much Control Does an NBA Team Owner Have?

An NBA team owner like Bruce Levenson is in charge of the team that he owns. It’s his personal property in the same way that a record store or a shoe store belongs to the person who started it or who bought it. It does come with some rules and regulations that have to be followed since it is part of the NBA as a whole, and the owners have to agree to these things when they buy the teams. However, other than that, the owner can control the team. So, just how much control does he have over what the team does on a regular basis?

The short answer is that it really depends on the owner and what he wants to do. Since the team is his, he can do what he pleases. He can sell it if he wants, which is what Levenson is doing. He can trade players, decide who to draft, or cut players. He can fire the coach and hire a new coach. In sports, contracts do not last in the same way that they do in other areas. Even with a contract, a player or coach can be cut or fired by the owner if he so chooses. All of the decisions are up to him.

It’s worth noting, though, that most team owners do not lead their teams like this. Instead, they hire a lot of other people do help them do it. Some owners don’t want to have anything to do with the process. They hire player personnel people to decide who is on the team, they hire coaches to decide how it’s going to be run, and they hire people to work out all of the financial details. The owners just sit back and watch, looking at the team as an investment and trusting that they have hired people who are good at what they do.

Typically, these owners are the ones who do not care about the sports and who may not even know that much about it. They just know that it can be a good investment. They buy it the same way they would buy any other business. They hope the team wins, of course, but they are not like fans who want to control everything and have opinions. They just want to use it as a vehicle to make money — which is what Levenson has done, now that he wants to sell.

Other owners, though, are much more like fans. They may have dreamed of owning a team for years. They want to be in charge of all of the operations, deciding who is on the team and what is going to be done. They’re much more hands-on when it comes to these things. This can be good if they know what they are doing, but it can also be bad if they make mistakes and won’t let other people help them out. However, if they want to do this, they have the final say since they own the team.

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