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Jaime Garcia Dias as a Successful Brazilian Author

The Brazilian literature has evolved over the centuries since inception in the pre-colonial period, 1822 thereabouts. The county’s history is varied with a consortium of cultures and races that came with different customs. It is this information that the authors in Brazil employ in works of literature to entertain their audience and are much appreciated to date. The contemporary Brazilian authors have been noticed to borrow widely from their predecessors who pioneered the literary world in their regime back then. Some of these works have been categorized into fiction, non-fiction that uses realism, poetry, and chronicles. With regards to these categories, a variety of Brazilian authors have evolved with sensational works of literature that have broken the ceiling in the international literary market.

Jaime Garcia Dias is one of the literary gurus who have traveled far and wide in the world of literature to come up with breathtaking and engaging books shelved in international libraries. Jaime Garcia was born in Rio de Janeiro to an affluent family, his father a well-practiced journalist and author while the mother a professional architect. Jaime started small by attending University of Rio de Janeiro to learn letters after his talent and passion for literature was aroused at the age of 18. He then moved to the Carioca Academy where he taught literature. James passion for literature stimulated him to unearth new strategies to teach and administer literature to the students at the academy which realized great success. Jaime’s groundbreaking inception catapulted him to vice president of the Academy with the approval of the board members.

Jaime’s talent and vigor in literature also got him to publish ten books at the age of thirty. This came as an early success that prepared him for what was yet to come. He utilized the Academy gym to create new literature classes that were guided by his new study and reading methods geared towards sharpening the zealous young talents. Jaime worked hard and by 2001 bagged his first literary accolade, the White Crane Award, which was to appreciate his efforts to bringing new faces to the literary world. His novel ‘Fell from Heaven’ went viral with millions of reads in Brazil and beyond. Moreover, it was recognized by literary giants like Joshua Gomez of the Latinos Encounter Books in Argentina.

At his tenth year at the Carioca Academy as the vice president Jaime was honored on a hundredth anniversary of the institution and he was elevated to the president of the Academy. Jaime never ceased to amaze and yet again introduced journalistic literature in the academy. This opened new avenues for interested students to venture into literature and discover their talents. At age forty he had published over 20 books and had five of them going platinum.

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