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Facts You Should Know About Purina Dog Food

Purina is among the few dog food brands on the market that offer on formulas that are specifically designed to meet different dog’s preferences and needs. The company holds a very strong belief that dog food should nourish the pet and give them the necessary energy to either catch a ball or chase a feather. Purina also believes that dog food should be nutritious so as the dog can have many healthy years with its owner.

The company takes all matters related to coming up with the right ingredients very seriously. It has a team of not less than 400 scientists who include nutritionists and whose aim is to make discoveries that are for the betterment of the pet’s lives. They conduct a lot of non-invasive extensive studies so as to come up with formulas that have a positive effect on pets not just in the present but in the future. Many pet owners who have used Purina’s products in the past can attest to the fact that the company takes a lot of time and nutritional considerations when making the formula.

A majority of the dog food brands in the market contain a lot of filler. For an easier definition, a filler is an ingredient in the dog food that has no nutritional value. Many dog owners have in the past been very confused by thinking that fibre is also filler. The truth of the matter is that fibre can be filler if it does not contain any nutritional benefits. All dogs need fibre in their meal uptake so as to help their gastrointestinal tracts operate efficiently and smoothly.

All Purina Beneful dog food brands contain fibre. The company understands very well that fibre promotes good health by helping keep the stool warm. It also aids in the passage of the stool through the digestive tract wgich plays a very integral role in promoting regular bowel movements. When a dog eats fibre rich foods, chance of getting constipation are very rare. When the fiber ferments in the large intestine, it ends up serving as an energy cell for the cells and inhibiting growth of all bacteria that is potentially harmful while at the same time increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria.

Purina understands very well that having fibre in the dog food is not enough rather than having the right amount accompanied by other useful ingredients. Purina has different dog food brands that every pet will sumptuously enjoy when offered. The best thing with the company is the fact that it makes the foods in different sizes for all dog sizes to enjoy. For the big dogs, the chunky sizes are available as well as the finely chopped ones for the small dogs.

Pet owners who have been dependent on Purina’s brands for their pets would not take any other alternative. The company has and will continue being on the front line when matters related to making the most delicious and nutritious foods are concerned. It is precisely the reason many have termed the brand as after the other brands on the market because they can not match the quality it makes.

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