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Adam Sender Follows His Dreams and Gives Up His Company

I know that there are times when a person will have to give up something that they want to get something else that they need. This is exactly what Adam Sender has done. He has given up something that he put a lot of time into in order to acquire something else that he was also thriving in.

I have been impressed with this because Adam Sender could have chosen any path. He was making millions with hedge funds, and he was having fun doing it. The problem was that he wasn’t passionate about it the way that he was about the concept of the art collecting. I admire this because he has been able to build up his money from one area to help him acquire his art empire. He would then sell the art and thrive even more. I like this idea because he was smart about it.

A lot of people will find something that they are passionate about, but they will go right now and start doing this. This has always been a little strange to me because people will lose money as they transition and work without income. There are some businesses that fail just because there is no real plan in place. They don’t have money to fund the business that they may desire to engage in. Adam Sender, however, is my hero because he has been faithful in buying art. He collected a lot of pieces, but he did not think about leaving his job until he secured his art. That was very smart. It made perfect sense for him to wait and see how his art collection would increase in value. By the time he got ready to sell his company he has over 400 pieces of art in his position. This was more than enough to actually move from his position as a hedge fund founder to art collector and seller. That is something that was incredibly smart about his plan.

Sender has inspired me because he has been able to do a lot with his artwork in such a short amount of time. Adam Sender knew that his collection was increasing in value. He has managed to do a lot of things over time, and this has become one of the most interesting parts of the equation. He has created a lot of value for himself just by waiting. I think that this is better than any return on investment that he could reap from the hedge funds. It is important for people to realize that Adam Sender has been patient. He has certainly spent a lot of time watching his investments increase while he managed hedge funds for clients.

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