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Magic Mike XXL Is A Worthy Sequel to Magic Mike

Hollywood has a long history of movies that feature strippers as major characters, and why not? Strip shows are endlessly entertaining and can be erotic without being X-rated, so why not bring on the fun? From “Gypsy” to “Showgirls,” Hollywood has never shied away from showing actresses strutting their stuff in striptease numbers that may or may not be in service to a plot. “Magic Mike,” however, made a name for itself as one of the first major stripper films to feature men as strippers. The good news is that with Channing Tatum starring as Mike and Steven Soderbergh as director, it all really worked as fun and highly charged entertainment.

Now comes “Magic Mike XXL,” the sequel to the first film. Channing Tatum is back and Soderbergh returns this time as producer, with Gregory Jacobs directing. This version of Mike’s story is lighter and more focused on production numbers. The strip numbers are wilder than ever, and are a great showcase for Tatum’s stage skills, as well as those of his stripper pals.

The plot involves Mike’s friends ploy to coax him out of retirement for one more turn onstage. The guys want to travel cross country to appear at a stripper convention in Florida, and they succeed in getting Mike to come along. Their cross country adventure takes them on a journey that involves meetings with several notable actresses, including Andi MacDowell as an upscale housewife in need of male companionship, and Jada Pinkett Smith as a nightclub owner.

Crystal Hunt, the former teen star of television soap operas, also makes a memorable appearance as one of the eccentric women the guys meet along the way. Her performance here proves she’s moved along significantly from child actress to a mature film presence. Make sure you check out her Twitter to see where this talented actress goes next.

There’s no question that “Magic Mike XXL” delivers with its highly entertaining characters and eye-popping stage performances. Fans of Channing Tatum will be highly pleased with his return to the stripping arena in “Magic Mike XXL.” For stripping enthusiasts, “Magic Mike XXL” is a definite must-see.

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