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Why Sergio Cortes Impersonates Michael Jackson

In 2009, the world received the saddening news that the king of pop, Michael Jackson had died. The star died at the age of 51 and the circumstances surrounding his death indicate that he could have lived longer. A number of things have happened since his tragic demise. To start with, his doctor was jailed for medical malpractice and then released. His estate has grown and regained its original glory and his legacy still lives on. The evidence of MJ’s legacy is seen in among other things, the number of people that have tried to copy his style and bring back the experience of being in the presence of the king of pop. However, few have managed to impersonate the icon as well as Sergio Cortez.
Sergio Cortez was born in Spain. He started falling in love with MJ as a performer when he was still a little boy. As he grew up, people would tell him that he did resemble the star. Well, the truth is that he does resemble the late MJ a lot. What is even more eerie is the fact that in addition to being a physical MJ look-alike, he also sounds like him and has mastered all his stage moves.
Sergio realized with time that people missed the late MJ and his electrifying performances. He, therefore, decided to recreate these experiences. He got a team of dancers to help him with the process. His own brothers started out as backup dancers for all his acts. They also help with the vocals. There are many strange parallels between the life of Sergio, who now lives in Brazil and the old MJ. To start with, Sergio does love a quiet personal life, just like Michael did. When Sergio is not performing, he relaxes at his private residence in Brazil.
Many news articles have been printed about Sergio Cortes and his act.

He has been gracing many occasions all over Brazil with his surreal MJ performances. He is so good at the craft that he has gathered a following of thousands on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are people that pay hundreds of dollars to get to see Sergio performing, and he does not disappoint. He is so good at the craft that he even used the anti-gravity shoes that MJ used to use and also does a perfect moonwalk. This is one MJ impersonator that you will enjoy watching.

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