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Sergio Cortés Wows Crowds As Micheal Jackson Impersonator

When he was a young boy, Sergio Cortés had a dream, he wanted to be a performer like Michael Jackson, his hero, and the lead singer of the group the Jackson Five. Sergio used to intensely watch video performances of Michael Jackson, and imitate his various dance moves and onstage mannerisms. He spent hours studying every nuance of Michael Jackson, and became a dead on imitator of his entire act.

As Michael Jackson began to blossom in his solo career, Sergio became even more involved with his impersonation of him. As Jackson continued his career into the 80s dominance that would make him one of the most celebrated performers in the world, Sergio continued to take in all of his various performances. He only did his impressions for his close family and friends at first, but a chance encounter changed everything forever and put him on the path to a career as one of the worlds leading Michael Jackson impersonators.

It was Sergio’s encounter with a photographer that launched him into his dream profession. While walking down the street one day, the photographer noticed Sergio and his incredible resemblance to the King of Pop. The photographer asked him if a picture would be okay. Sergio willingly agreed to the photograph, and the next day, Sergio’s picture was in a local newspaper. Thousands of people saw the photo of Sergio’s dead on impersonation. He began to receive notoriety, as well as phone calls from interested agents and entertainment organizers.

Sergio realize that many people would want to see him as Jackson, so from that point on, Sergio Cortés became a Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator. Now, Sergio travels all over the world doing shows and appearing in celebrity impersonation shows as Michael Jackson. He has a large number of fans around the world, and maintains a Facebook fan page to keep in contact with them. On the fan page, he poses for various photos as the King of Pop, and communicates with his numerous fans.

Sergio Cortés has some of the same drive and initiative have a Michael Jackson of stock. Now he gets to imitate his childhood idol around the world, and make thousands of people happy with his dead on performance and state emulation of Jackson. What was once a simple imitation has turned out to be a lifetime of happiness and joy for one of the greatest impersonators of Michael Jackson alive today.

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