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A Repuation of Trust and Experience

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing cosmetic surgery for more than a decade, trained with world renowned cosmetic surgeons and has been a licensed medical doctor for over 20 years. Dr. Walden has been featured in many national publications and on television broadcasts for the exceptional work she’s done in the field. In 2014 she was voted one of the 24 best female cosmetic surgeons in America by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Dr. Walden also made the Super Doctors list in Texas Monthly and has a countless number satisfied patients. She has also been featured on the E!, VH1 and Fox networks and regularly appears on local broadcasts in Austin, Texas where she can be seen sharing her insight and expertise.

Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures which include traditional procedures such as facelifts, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. In additional to traditional cosmetic surgery, Dr. Walden has been highly trained to perform specialized procedures like vaginal rejuvenation and otoplasty (ear re-shaping). Dr. Walden’s office goes the extra mile by offering Fly-in service which provides an option non-local patients to have one of the best cosmetic surgeons at their service. Patients who elect to utilize the Fly-in program receive first-class treatment from Dr. Walden while her dedicated staff members coordinate all the details of the patient’s travel and accommodations. This is just one example of how dedicated Dr. Walden is to patient satisfaction.

In addition to her thriving cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Walden is sure to make time to give back to the community. She has mentored fellow medical professionals, authored several books and medical research publications and has served on prestigious medical boards throughout her career. She regularly donates her time and money to local and national charities. Dr. Walden’s commitment to bettering the lives of others truly shows in everything she does.

Whether you are contemplating undergoing a cosmetic procedure or have already made up your mind, experience, skill and reputation are of the utmost importance when selecting a cosmetic surgeon. Texas-based Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. She has performed thousands of successful surgeries and is a trusted member of the medical community. When you seek professional cosmetic services, Dr. Jennifer Walden should be your first choice.

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