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Did George Soros Fund Black Lives Matter?

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George Soros and Black Lives Matter, is there a connection? If you listen to only conservative media, then you probably think that there is. This is because the Forbes listed billionaire has been said to have given $33 million to the organization of protesters. That all turns out to have been a lie though, but it seems to still be circulating through the media pretty well.

Conservatives frequently like to target Soros for various smear campaigns that they come up with. It seems that almost no charge is too out there for them to attempt to lob his way. He has been blamed for all kinds of things in the minds of conservative media, but most of the time their accusations turn out to be nothing more than that.

The reality of the situation is that Soros did create a foundation to work on some of the pressing issues facing our planet. That organization is known as the Open Society Foundation. It is also true that Soros is known to lean more to the left in terms of his politics. However, the idea that he gave money to Black Lives Matter, particularly in that large of an amount is simply not the case according to reporting by The Daily Beast.

The Black Lives Matter organization is something that has sprung up in response to the rash of high profile police killings of frequently unarmed African Americans. It is something that has caused many people to be quite angry with the current situation, and some of them have made the choice to speak out about it. They should be applauded for their efforts to draw attention to a very important and pressing issue. However, some feel more comfortable attacking the protesters however they can.

When asked about this whole question of Soros funding Black Lives Matter, the foundation that Soros started had no ability to answer the question. They did not understand how such a rumor could get started or why anyone was giving it any credit for being real. They know that the reality is that Soros never funded anything of the sort, but that will not stop some of his political opponents from trying to pin something on him that they believe will make him look bad.

The Black Lives Matter movement does not seem to have required the help of any billionaires to get things moving. There are plenty of activists who are more than happy to work for the cause without any kind of pay. They just want the issue to be heard and for more people to understand what is happening in their own country. That is the only way in which justice can truly come about.

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