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Simple Steps of Countering Alzheimer as Discussed by Sergio Cortes

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, Alzheimer can be prevented by easy physical exercises. A study carried out by the Rio Claro UNESP and UFSCar indicate that three weekly exercises can prevent and delay Alzheimer despite of a person’s genetic disposition.
Dr. Sergio Cortes notes that Alzheimer cases are on the rise. The research was conducted over a period of four years. Researchers from the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Universidade Estadual Paulista, UFSCar, as well as UNESP, Rio Claro facilitated the study. According to Sergio Cortes, the study shows that simple exercises done in moderation on a weekly basis can help even those individuals likely to contract the disease because of their genetic disposition to counter the disease.
The exercises serve as an excellent stimulus for the brain. The exercises are beneficial to the mind and the body. Regular exercise helps in delaying the onset of the disease. The study took into consideration the basic genetic factors that are more likely to boost the neuro-degenerative risk. The second factor to be considered was the amyloid plaques that inflame and damage the neural connections. The two factors indicated that the existence of the disease could be combated by exercise since positively interference with the neural process is anti inflammatory as well as satisfactory.
Dr. Sergio Cortes also points out that according to experts, preventing such inflammations caused by deposits from amyloid plaques is important. The presence of the deposits causes continuous loss of memory and the neurons stability. The study confirms that the most effective way of combating the spread of the disease is through physical activities such as exercises done on a daily or weekly basis.
Regular exercises functions as an anti-inflammatory and controls the degenerative process in the mind. This explains why when one exercises the neural connection begins to function well. Therefore, the positive stimuli prevent the Alzheimer disease by reducing inflammation and enhancing the cognitive components as well as their roles. As a result, cognitive functions such as concentration, planning, and attention are improved through a moderate physical activity. Dr. Sergio Cortes points out that it is important to exercise from a young age in order to evade problems in old age.
Dr. Sergio Cortes is presently the MD and Hip Surgeon executive director. He has served the state of Rio de Janeiro as the state health secretary. Dr. Sergio Cortes started and managed a number of programs including the dengue hydration center at the Xerem health facility that catered for people affected by floods.

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