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Solo Capital Goes Mega Under Sanjay Shah

Headquartered in London, England Solo Capital is an international boutique financial service. It is regulated in the United Kingdom. The company, incorporated in September 2011 is also known in different business circles as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited. It is referred to as boutique because of the many financial services they offer their clients.

It specializes in a variety of business consultation and investment solutions. The company advises its clients on matters that pertain to rational market behavior, investment performance analysis, and human capital acquisition. By the end of March 2015, the Solo Capital Partners net worth was 15.45 million pounds. Their assets amounted to 67.45 million pounds, and the cash flow was at 30.26 million pounds. Solo capital also under the professional sports management helps its clients in the acquisition of talent, general sports management and sports outfit representation in business meetings.

Solo Capital Partners founded by Sanjay Shah, who is also its CEO, is controlled by the Solo Group Holdings while Aesa S.a.r.l also owned by Sanjay Shah controls Solo Group. Shah is also the owner of over three dozen companies across London, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Shah was a businessman long before the incorporation of solo capital limited. His previous companies are reported to have earned him over 19 million pounds per year. He recently took over the old park lane capital, a stockbroker that focuses on natural resources. By January of 2016, Shah had a net worth of $280 million. He has offices in London and Dubai.

Global Citizen magazine had an interview with Shah where he revealed that his career did not start in the investment and financial industry. He had studied medicine but later decided that being a doctor was not his passion. He started out as an accountant in several leading commercial and investment banks like Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse where he became very prosperous. The prospects for a new and better job were unavailable during the 2009 financial crisis, and this is when he decided to get into private practice and started his brokerage company. The small firm later became solo capital limited.

Sanjay considers himself retired from active business but is involved in charity work. He started the charity organization called Autism Rocks which raises awareness and money to carry out research. This is done through concerts attended by world celebrities invited by Sanjay. Shah says that he started the organization after his son was diagnosed with the disorder in the year 2011. The very first Autism Rocks concert was held in 2014. He also persuades his colleagues, friends, and clients to make donations.

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