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The DeVos Family and Public Policy Philanthropy

In matters dealing with Philanthropy, a vast amount of insight has been offered concerning public-policy philanthropy. This refers to a situation where donors aim at steering national opinion as well as lawmaking in constructive directions. Betsy DeVos began making her contributions in the 1980s. Since then, she has worked both as a philanthropist and political leader in pushing for school choice. Betsy DeVos goes on to state her optimism that educational choice was something that would happen quicker than it has. Betsy continues her fight, despite the many challenges that surround politics.


Betsy chooses to focus on personal lives rather than on politics. She continues to be inspired by the great change seen. She also encourages others to look at the benefits enjoyed by the children who have had a good education and then think about the children who have been denied the same opportunity. Despite many philanthropists giving up, DeVos continues fighting the battle. According to Betsy, it will take a long time for the educational system to change.


Dick DeVos is a successful businessman as well as a philanthropist, who has positively impacted countless lives. Dick, the son of Richard DeVos Sr., is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Dick started work in 1974 at Amway Corporation. Since he began working at Amway Corporation, Mr. DeVos has served in various capacities. In 1984, Mr. DeVos went ahead to become the Vice President of the operations of the company in 18 countries. Having duly served the company, the time came of Dick to leave. In 1989, Mr. DeVos went ahead to start a new business venture, the Windquest Group. The company was formed to build and market storage and closet organizers.


Dick DeVos was appointed to be the manager of the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise by his father in 1991. This was after the DeVos family acquired the franchise. In 1993, Dick returned to Amway Corporation as its President. Come 2000, the firm underwent restructuring to give rise to the Alticor Corporation.


Apart from his involvement as a businessman, Dick DeVos has also doubled in politics, running for governor in Michigan state. Mr. DeVos is largely involved in philanthropy. He founded the Education Freedom Fund. The fund has provided scholarships to over 4000 underprivileged children. He has also chaired downtown revitalization and healthcare improvements in the Great Rapids area. DeVos is also a two-time National Champion sailor.


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