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A Song Writer is Connecting to the Country Through Greyhound

Doug Levitt is a American songwriter, artist, writer, and traveler who has been seen all over the United States. This is partly because he has taken it upon himself to discover America or rediscover this country through his eyes. Levitt’s adventure has taken about eight years, as he travels through different cities using Greyhound. In fact, he calls this project the Greyhound Diaries.

The project started back in 2004 and by 2012 he had crossed more than 80,000 miles. The idea was to visit certain areas and let the land inspire his song-writing. And he also made it a point to talk to some of his fellow travelers. Levitt wanted to learn about their lives, their struggles, and triumphs. What Levitt wanted was an honest snapshot of the America he hungered to know. The project has not ended either as he continues his journey. Levitt is now crossing 100,000 miles and has met a lot of people. Levitt was not entirely sure what his project was going to do for him, or to his music, but he has been enlightened.

Doug Levitt tells those who have been following his project that he found that most of the people who travel by bus need to travel by bus. It changes the dynamic of the conversations because bus-riding is usually not exactly by choice. Levitt has used his travels for other endeavors he did not know he was going to participate in, such as a web series. The web series documents some of his adventures, thoughts, and experiences. Levitt has also been able to record 2 full EPs with some of the stories that he has learned on the road.

Levitt’s idea was actually something that he learned about in history. Apparently he modeled his project after the WPA initiatives that occurred back in the early 1930s. Those initiatives were set in motion because America needed a fuller picture of the whole country. There was a sense of disconnection, and the WPA felt like this was the best way to connect people.

This is sort of what Levitt hopes to do with some of the songs that he has written from his travels. Levitt wants to help America reconnect.

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