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Keith Mann Establishes a Scholarship Plan for Less Privileged Students

On a recent fund raising ceremony at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, New York, Keith Mann managed to secure $22,000 in scholarship funds for financially needy students. These scholarships will be offered as awards to those students who show excellence in professional innovative achievements.

The scholarship program was launched at the Uncommon Charter High School and will be a stepping stone to put students through the four years of college studies. It is no surprise that Keith Mann would embark on such a venture, given he is the CEO of a company that trains young professional leaders. Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) is an investment firm founded by Mann, and its primary goal is to advice individuals and small businesses on alternative investment plans. Since its establishment in 2009, DSP has partnered with several other organizations in USA, Asia and Europe to help push their main agenda on alternative investment to more entrepreneurs globally.

Thus it was only natural for Keith to establish a foundation that recognizes excellent young leaders at Uncommon Charter High School, putting them on a full college scholarship. To qualify for the Keith & Keel Scholarship award, an individual must first be an academically distinguished fellow at Uncommon Charter High, and are supposed to write and submit a 1000 words essay to be eligible. Through this essay, the student explains how earning the scholarship to college will help them hone their skills into becoming professional leaders in society.

Keith is a renowned entrepreneur with over 15 years experience as a hedge fund compensation expert. He has also helped shape strategies for hiring and staffing in both small businesses and large corporations. He also developed an investment backbone back in 2002 when he launched the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search. Later on Mann established Dynamics Search Partners which was solely dedicated on alternative investment knowledge.

When he is not awarding scholarships to outstanding students at Uncommon Charter High, Keith busies himself with the daily running of Dynamics Research Partners. Him together with the DSP team deliver over 200 client mandates annually, and they are looking to spread their reach further in the continents they are established.

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