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How WEN Improved the Condition of One Woman’s Hair

An article posted on Bustle was written by a young woman wanting to share her experience in using a hair care product for the first time. The product she was using was the fig version of WEN hair by Chaz. This was the first time she had used a WEN product and was hoping it would give her hair more bounce and manageability. The article covered the young woman’s entire first week of using the WEN cleansing conditioner. She wrote about how she could actually feel her hair becoming thicker as she worked the product in for the first time. The young woman also chose to include several color photos of herself to show readers exactly how WEN by Chaz had improved the appearance of her usually dull hair.

Natural Extracts Designed to Repair Hair

There is no secret to why WEN by Chaz  ( works at repairing damaged hair. The ingredients used for each version vary according to what type of issue the version is intended to resolve. These ingredients include a variety of plant extracts with restorative properties. The lavender version contains the soothing properties found in this plant, which work to help soothe hair to get rid of frizz. The sweet almond mint version is one of the more popular varieties used by people with different hair types, because it works to restore and repair hair to its naturally healthy state. Wen hair products are sold on retails outlets like Sephora and online on eBay.

The WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners were designed to be a one product restorative hair care system. In addition to cleansing hair, these products are also designed to provide deep conditioning while also eliminating tangles. The combination of ingredients found in each version takes the place of five different products. Not only do the WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners provide users with healthy hair, they also save them time and money in having to use multiple products. Visit for more information.


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