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Younger Real Estate Buyers Have Different Preferences



The real estate market in New York City is one of the strongest real estate markets in all of the world. Prices in the city continue to increase due to demand from both foreign investors and local residents. While the NYC luxury real estate used to be dominated by older professionals, it is quickly becoming a more popular option for a much younger crowd.

Recent research in the NYC luxury real estate has found that much of the purchases of the bigh end projects in the city have come by younger professionals. Many of the younger professionals still work in the more traditional industries, including finance and law, but the tech market is continuing to have a growing impact on real estate in the city.

The younger and tech savvy real estate buyers in the NYC luxury real estate are looking for amenities that more traditional, and older, buyers would normally not. As opposed to having access to top schools, more square footage, and the highest end finishes, most younger buyers are far more focused on lifestyle options. Younger buyers in the high end real estate in New York City would often look for more social amenities, healthier and active options, and amenities onsite that can help to make their lives more efficient. This often includes better onsite fitness centers and more communal space, which encourages are more active and social lifestyle.

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