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Advancing Technology in the Correctional Facilities-Securus Technology

Securus Technology a leading civil and criminal justice technology resolutions for public security, monitoring, investigation as well as correction. Recently we launched a campaign to promote our remote video visitation services to enlighten the family, friends and correctional facilities on the importance and the benefits of using our remote video visitation products and services across the United States.

We took about 30 days to highlight the value of the video visitation in a series of commercial demonstrations. We have a committed team of professional who are well trained and have a passion for connecting more than 160000 customers per month all over America. We connect the inmates with their friends and loved ones through their mobile phones as well as computers instead of making the long distance drives to visit their loved ones in prisons. We are an organization that is known to connect sons and their parents and daughters with their fathers. The remote video visitation has helped the inmates participate in various events including Thanksgiving, birthday parties of their loved ones as well as other family functions while still in prison.

We have made continuous efforts to provide a unique and competitive service of the remote visitation and offer affordable services. This is just one of the modernized service that Securus Technologies has been offering.

Securus Technology we can be described as a leader company in the provision of services and products in the correctional facilities across the Northern part of America. We have been serving more than 3450 correctional facilities and more than 120000 inmates distributing services including biometric analysis, communication, public investigation, information management, inmate-self-service, as well as monitoring of products and services to ensure security is well observed in the correctional institutions and the nation. We have our Headquarters located in Dallas Texas.


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