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Adam Milstein’s Jewish Philanthropy

Adam believes that everyone should know about their heritage. He grew up in a society that did not treat Jewish people well. He saw firsthand how brutal the world could be when it’s filled with ignorance and hatred. Since then, he has dedicated his life to uniting the Jewish communities around the world. It’s imperative to him that Judaism is no longer mistreated or misunderstood. Adam has had much success in his life and uses his success to make the world a better place for Jewish people. There’s a lot of hatred and ignorance in Israel and the surrounding countries, so Adam uses his success to bring solutions to the struggles of his people.

Along with his wife, Gila, he co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. His foundation is not just one organization trying to make a difference, several. Even though the foundation has its mission, it partners with several other organizations to create a louder voice. Adam’s foundation provides charitable and philanthropic services in the hopes of strengthening the Jewish people. The charity offers its services to individuals and to other organizations that share the same goal. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation also wants to strengthen the State of Israel and improve U.S. – Israel relations. The foundation helps other organizations by consulting with the, developing mutual partnerships, and raising funds for programs that support Jewish education, continuity, and Pro-Israel advocacy.

Adam bases his philanthropic philosophy on three core principles. The first of those principles is being active to his fullest potential. He knows that the best way to get an issue heard is to invest as much time and expertise as he can. He works to ensure every part of the organization gets as much attention as possible. The second principle is to combine efforts with other agencies and charities that share the same goal. When groups work together, their message is heard louder. The last philosophy principle is to talk directly to the people. Nothing can change useless the people understand that something is wrong.

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