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Whitney Wolfe is Busy as a Bee with Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is showing the world that she is able to connect with users in a meaningful way. She has allowed many people to connect with other singles through her Bumble dating app, and this is a surefire way for her to rise of the top in corporate America.

Some might say that Whitney Wolfe just has a knack for these types of things. She is a young entrepreneur that is attractive and energetic. She was on the list of the Forbes 30 under 30. As someone that co-founded Tinder, it was obvious that Whitney Wolfe already knew how to formulate the dating game through an app. Now that she is the president of Bumble there are even more reasons to cheer her on. Wolfe created a dating app that allows her to help people get their dating started in a timely manner.

The great thing about someone like Whitney Wolfe is that she has some type of experience in the matters of dating because she is still young. She knows what young singles are looking for. She is not this senior citizen executive that is simply looking for a chance to make money. What Whitney appears to be doing is making a legit attempt to actually connect singles through a window where the women control communication. There is a 24 time window that makes Bumble stand out from the others. That has been the common complaint for dating apps. That is why she has made it her business to take care of this problem.

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This is the app that has managed to have lots of success. People are thrilled by just how much they can do with this app in comparison to the competition. It is one of those apps for people that want a new dating experience.

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