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Broadcasting’s Top Man Makes Headlines Again

There are many names associated with the broadcasting industry. One name, however, tops the list. The name is Norman Pattiz and he is without a doubt the top player in the broadcasting industry. He has recently been making headlines.


Norman Pattiz has been making headlines for the past forty years. The last few months have been no exception. The latest article to be published about Mr. Pattiz was published on the IdeaMensch website. The article was published on December 19, 2016. It included a great amount of detail about Mr. Pattiz. It even included an interview with the man himself.


The first part of write up on Norman Pattiz was a history of his forty plus years in the broadcasting industry. His early years included various jobs within the broadcasting industry. Norman worked his way up learning the insides and outs of the industry and then he opened up shop for himself. His company, WestwoodOne, quickly became the top broadcasting corporation in the country. Mr. Pattiz has also been a significant player in the globalization of broadcasting. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Mr. Pattiz to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. In 2002, President Bush reaffirmed this appointment for Mr. Pattiz.


Mr. Pattiz also did an interview for the article that was written for IdeaMensch. This interview gave readers an insight to the his goals and current workload. His latest business adventure included the startup of PodCastOne, which has quickly grown into the largest digital advertiser. He also discussed who his influences were and how they have helped shape the man he is today.


Broadcasting is not the only area of interest for Norman Pattiz. He has sat on several different boards and councils throughout the years. He is currently a member of the Governing Board and Director of Regents for the University of California. Mr. Pattiz also sits as chairman on two boards for laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore.


A long time resident of California, Mr. Pattiz has also been an active participant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He has worked with the youth volunteer programs for years. Mr. Pattiz also served as a reserve deputy for the department.


Norman Pattiz has spent the last several decades making a name for himself. He has definitely earned the title of broadcasting’s top man. His charitable contributions and participation in his community help make him shine above the rest.

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